Frank Myers buys IMLCORP

Marietta, GA -- Jun 27, 2013 / ( -- Frank M. Myers, a 30-year veteran of design engineering, manufacturing and business management in the electronics industry, has acquired IMLCORP, the Marietta, GA-based manufacturer of SoundCommander(R) loudspeaker systems for tactical operations and emergency mass notification systems. IMLCORP products serve public safety, emergency and disaster management, college and port security forces and military organizations worldw ide. IMLCORP founder Stefan Pollack will remain with the company as a sales consultant.

"I am really excited about this opportunity," said Myers, who founded My-Tec Inc., a global product design, marketing, brand licensing, supply chain management and business development consultancy. "Our SoundCommander products are essential for protecting lives and property during a weather-related emergency, an incident like a school or campus shooting, a fire or a military or National Guard operation. They help commanders control situations with loud, clear announcements and instructions, and they can integrate with other communications and notification technologies to form a comprehensive solution.

"Along that line," he continued, "I will be talking with our dealers and distributors in the US and worldwide to see how we can better work with them. We want to make SoundCommanders a part of the packages they provide for their customers' mission-critical equipment systems. As a lean, nimble organization, we have the ability to customize our products to meet customers' needs in a fast-paced environment where every second always matters."

Before establishing My-Tec, Myers was President and CEO of Giant International Ltd., an asset purchase initiative of the Motorola Consumer Products Division, where he had been Corporate Vice President and General Manager. His international experience includes an assignment in Asia, for which he and his family lived in Singapore as he led a team of marketing and technology professionals in developing products, marketing programs, sales channels and retailer relationships in China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and India.

Myers has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering from Florida A&M University and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Arizona State University.