Maxxess announces integration to KONE Access solutions

Yorba Linda, California (July 15, 2013) - Maxxess Systems announced today that they have installed eFusion security systems that provide integration to KONE Access control interface.

In conventional access control elevator systems, there is a card reader in the car or near the car and the passenger presents a card containing his or her floor access permissions. The security system limits the access to the floors that the passenger can reach.

KONE provides a destination-based dispatch solution. In this system, the passenger goes to a KONE Access display panel, presents their card and selects the desired destination floor. The Maxxess system verifies the cardholder has access permission to that floor and then directs the user to the elevator car that will provide the cardholder with the shortest travel time to that floor. By grouping all passengers to specific elevators, the number of floor stops for each passenger is minimized and overall congestion is reduced, especially during peak traffic.

Buildings account for 40% of the world's energy consumption. Elevators and escalators account for 2-10% of a building's energy consumption. The Maxxess integration to KONE offers customers an eco-efficient way to operate their buildings.

The Maxxess integration covers all three major KONE new elevator models and modernization solutions:

KONE EcoSpace Low-Rise Elevator, used for 2-10 floors
KONE EcoSystem MR Mid- to High-Rise Elevator, used for 6-63 floors KONE MonoSpace Mid-Rise Elevator, used for 6-27 floors
The Maxxess integration also covers the innovative KONE JumpLift solution. This in an advanced self-climbing elevator that can be extended as the building rises during construction. JumpLifts are safer than external hoists as they are installed inside the building and are therefore shielded from the outside environment. This makes them more reliable and helps to keep the construction project on schedule.

Post-construction, the KONE elevator units are used as the exclusive means of moving people smoothly and seamlessly around the building. The construction solution now becomes the operational solution that the architect had requested.

Nancy Islas, President of Maxxess, stated that "we have installed the KONE Access control system at the Samrya Twin Towers in Qatar. We are very excited to be able to offer our customers better security, faster elevator travel and reduced energy costs with our eFusion solutions." Islas continued, "This is another example of how Maxxess is providing our customers with industry-leading innovative systems that improve user satisfaction and save them money.