Penn State chooses new LED lighting system for construction project

CAST Lighting solution helps university meet security and safety needs while also supporting Greenhouse Gas Reduction initiatives

Flexibility: Construction fencing is often deconstructed and moved to other locations. Once CAST Lights are attached to the fence they can be quickly disconnected from power wires, fence sections can be removed, and reassembled elsewhere. Connecting and disconnecting these low voltage lights does not require an elec¬trician.

Illumination Pattern: Previous system only lit one side of fence. New system fixtures are mounted directly above fence posts so light distribution is equal on both sides – greatly enhancing security.

Durability: Previous system lights were enclosed in glass and mounted on side of fence and subject to break¬age. New system fixtures have extremely durable cast construction and are mounted high above fence to prevent abuse. New system fixture housings carry lifetime warranty.

Energy Consumption: 87% Savings. Previous system used 27-watt CFL’s mounted every 10 ft. along fence. New system uses 7-watt LED’s mounted every 20 feet. Cost per fence-foot reduced from 2.7 w/ft. to 0.35 w/ft. or an 87% energy savings.

Safety: Previous system used 120-volt lights with standard plugs and sockets. The risk of electrical shock (from mounting these fixtures on a metal fence) was very high. New system’s use of 24 volts ensures that there is no risk of electrical shock injury (30 volts is the recognized safety limit).

Testimonials: From Construction Manager: “From a construction perspective, I have been impressed and pleased with the Cast Lighting installed on our project at Penn State. The easy installation and the amount of light provided on both sides of the perimeter fences have made our site safer and more secure than ever. I have also been amazed with the low energy cost associated with the product which is a benefit to the owner. With a greater demand for Green Building in our industry, it’s nice to start a project off with lead¬ing by example, using less energy throughout our work – starting with our perimeter fence lighting.” (Jim Kephart, Site Manager, Massaro Construction Management, LLC.)

From University Project Manager: “The Pennsylvania State University is strongly committed to energy conservation and this project supports the Office of Physical Plant Green House Gas Reduction initiatives. The ease of installation, portability to other jobs sites, increased illumination levels, enhanced safety and security, all at reduced energy consumption makes this type of application a win-win for everyone involved.” (Jeff Kokoskie, PE; Manager, Construction Services; The Pennsylvania State University)

Conclusion: All prior problems were successfully addressed by the new CAST Portable LED Perimeter Lighting System. Construc¬tion personnel from Penn State’s Office of Physical Plant expressed high praises for the lights. They not only appreci¬ate the specific issues addressed above, they also like the daytime appearance of the lights, and the glare-free people-friendly illumination at night.