Smiths Detection launches threat identification module for liquids

Wiesbaden, Germany -- (BUSINESS WIRE), July 29,2013 --Smiths Detection today launches a Threat Identification Module (TIM) for liquids, allowing an easy and inexpensive upgrade of its standard X-ray baggage screening systems to enable the detection of liquid threats.

Designed as a simple add-on, TIM can be readily attached to Smiths Detection’s widely used HI-SCAN 6040i and HI-SCAN 6046si scanners. The module will automatically upgrade their detection standards to those approved as Liquid Explosives Detection Systems (LEDS) under the stringent EU LEDS Standard 2 Type C requirements which take effect on 31 January 2014. TIM enables reliable and consistent automated screening of cabin baggage, in real-time, with minimum interruption to airport operations.

Hans Zirwes, Vice President for International Sales of Smiths Detection, said: “With TIM, we provide our customers a highly cost-efficient way to upgrade their current or new X-ray scanners. It fits seamlessly with the design of our existing systems and maintains the renowned high quality of Smiths Detection’s imaging.”

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