Panasonic, Utility Partner enables total mobile connectivity and digital video evidence capture for law enforcement

Comprehensive solution for in-car high-speed wireless broadband and video improves officer efficiency

“Officers are under pressure to respond to incidents effectively, and also to do so as efficiently as possible. This combined solution allows them to spend more time with the public and not sitting at a station waiting for evidence to transfer,” said Dave Poulin, Director of Business Operations for Security and Evidence Capture, Panasonic System Communications Company of North America. “The Panasonic and Utility solution makes it easy for law enforcement to capture, transfer and put to use high-quality video evidence as a seamless and integrated component of their day-to-day case work.”

“Combining Panasonic's Arbitrator 360° in-car digital video system with our Rocket Vehicle Wireless Routers and patent pending Rocket Access Points will provide Panasonic's customers with a best in class solution for ultra fast video offload,” said Robert McKeeman, CEO of Utility. “Our partnership with Panasonic provides a total integrated solution for maintaining a reliable chain of custody of digital multimedia evidence, and will allow officers to spend more time in the field providing police services to the community.”