IPVideo introduces Global Fusion Center and license free cameras at 2013 ASIS

Live telepresance remote controlled robot guided tours of new state-of-the-art security center to be provided at show

“Over the past year we have seen dramatic and tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut and Boston, Massachusetts that have put security back in laser focus of school administrators and government leaders. At the same time governmental agencies, corporations, health care facilities, educational institutions and energy providers continue to face budgetary and technology challenges. At IPVideo Corporation, we have examined these challenges and have created cost effective and scalable technology solutions. Our Global Fusion Center powered by our C3 Fusion Software offers a cloud based solution for real time security monitoring and response. Our Mobile Command Center Vehicle is our solution for a rapidly deployable platform which can be used in a number of outdoor scenarios to protect the public and respond to critical incidents,” said David Antar, President IPVideo Corporation.

The company will also offer demonstrations of its latest version of its C3 Fusion™ product suite which enables clients to identify, prioritize and resolve security events, thereby improving safety, increasing security and managing compliance with internal and external regulations.
IPVideo Corporation’s Access Commander system will also be demonstrated during the ASIS show. Attendees will be shown how entry point security, once a complex task, can be simplified and made more effective.

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