FST21 and OnSSI announce technology partnership

FST21 is partnering with OnSSI to deliver an unprecedented access control solution. The integration of their flagship technology solutions - FST21's SafeRise software using In Motion Identification and OnSSI's Ocularis Video Management Software (VMS) platform - significantly raises the bar on building security.

FST21’s “ In Motion Identification” provides an identity management and control solution that changes security as we know it. Now you can experience Security with Convenience at any access point, all you have to do is enroll into the system and from now on you are the key!! Just walk naturally and let SafeRise do all the rest, from here on….no more keys, cards, or codes.

SafeRise, FST21, flagship software platform provides In Motion Identification via fusion of 2nd generation non-intrusive biometric technologies. It allows entrance, speaks to and manages guests, deters the unwanted from entering, and providing each access point with virtually all the benefits of having a guard at it.

Integrating the two platforms results in a solution that provides faster, more accurate, recorded communication of incidents. It enables enable Oculars to receive notifications, alerts and JPEGs from SafeRise for increased security and monitoring intelligence. End users will be ensured of the highest level of surveillance because SafeRise will send alerts and information generated when:

A person is identified and allowed entry. Information will include their name, department/apartment, the time, access point name or number, and an image of the individual.

A guest is allowed in via a V-Key/ phone. Information will include the host's name and department/apartment, time, access point name/number and an image of the individual.

Tailgating takes place, which is when more people than those who were identified came in together in a group. Information will include the access point name/number and an image of the individual.

A restricted and/or blacklisted person is trying to enter. Information will include the person's name, the time, access point name/number, and an image of the individual.

System events occur, such as a door being left open, a camera or intercom is down, the VIOP is disconnected, etc.

A key component to this integration of technologies is the interface that was supplied by ConvergenceTP. It allows text associated with an FST21 event to be streamed as video in real-time for immediate viewing on an Ocularis client alongside any live camera video of the event. All text received is also completely searchable in the future using the ConvergenceTP Hypermedia Search Engine to bring back not only the complete FST21 text of the event but also any OnSSI attached overview camera video of the event.

“OnSSI’s technology partnership with FST21 provides a new level of video surveillance and security system integration with advanced analytics,” notes Gadi Piran, President and CTO, OnSSI. “As we continue to develop new solutions that enable more efficient centralized control and integration, we will continue to engage industry leading partners like FST21 that share OnSSI’s focus on innovation.”

"We are very proud to partner with OnSSI," adds Major General Aharon Zeevi Farkash, Founder and CEO of FST21. "They are the frontrunner in the development of comprehensive IP video surveillance control and management. Integrating OnSSI’s Ocularis software with our SafeRise solution is a win-win for all."