Maxxess and NexVisionIX unveil Predictive Security Analytics at ASIS

Yorba Linda, CA September 23, 2013- Maxxess Systems, a leader in highly integrated access control systems, and NexVisionIX, the leader in business intelligence solutions and big data analytics offering a cloud Software as a Service (SaaS), today announced that they are partnering to develop predictive security systems.

The first unveiling will be at the 59th ASIS exhibition in Chicago at the Maxxess booth #443.

Both companies believe that a security system can have multiple uses. It can be used to protect facilities, information and personnel; but also used to prevent losses to the organization and improve operational efficiency. The partnership will add capabilities to the system to create a business advantage.

NexVisionIX provides the retail sales, stores, merchandising, personalization and loss prevention analytics modules to SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.

Some of the extensive functions that the partnership has defined and are in the product roadmap include:

  1. Combining security analytics with other data and other analytics such as merchandising analytics, time clock data, and traveler traffic data
  2. Combining retail analytics with security system analytics to improve retail sales at store operations.
  3. Using security system analytics to monitor pedestrian traffic patterns, manage traffic patterns and convert pedestrian traffic to sales.
  4. Match staff availability to customer traffic to ensure customer satisfaction and optimize sales.
  5. Tie pedestrian traffic information to product promotions and analyze traffic patterns to relocate product display cases
  6. This solution can use mobile devices as identity cards to replace loyalty cards and then combine mobile device recognition with facial recognition and to provide unparalleled service to key customers.
  7. The applications can assist the staff to recognize loyal customers and address them by name to personalize the overall relationship.
  8. Use customer and security system information to provide traveler information throughout a trip including rental cars, hotels and limo service.


About Maxxess

Maxxess offers security solutions that range from traditional access control to sophisticated state-of-the-art security solutions that provide business and government with the very highest-level of security management.Maxxess systems are installed worldwide and range from small and medium businesses to large campus installations managing hundreds of access points with more than a hundred thousand identities.


Maxxess has pioneered the use smartphones and wireless tablets in security systems. Smartphones and tablets now provide the most flexible information sources for security and allow security systems to do more than just control of access to a facility. These new security systems can cover each individual in the organization - anywhere, anytime.


About NexVisionIX

NexVisionIX is the leader in business intelligence solutions and big data analytics offering a cloud Software as a Service (SaaS). NexVisionIX provides business intelligence analytics that enhances the ability for retailers and brand companies to increase sales, provide advanced loss prevention capabilities, improve transparency of their marketing investments, and enhance their organization's ability to make decisions that will drive profitability, customer loyalty, market share growth and customer satisfaction.