Cisco announces new innovations, enhancements in scalability for its security solutions

New solutions provide distributed business intelligence in cameras and smart endpoints

- Cisco VSM 7 provides an analytics and metadata platform for business intelligence with the support of new IoT solution capabilities. This platform supports secure APIs for integration with third party eco-system partner analytics to record and index metadata with video.

- An industry first in Cisco VSM 7 allows motion metadata search that reduces the time and improves method to search through days of recorded video using motion detection.

IP Cameras

- Cisco IP Cameras are Smart Endpoints providing an application development platform for IP cameras that will allow new analytics capabilities to be easily added as applications are developed.

- The new Cisco 6050 Camera is a 1080p, ruggedized camera suitable for transportation vehicles such as buses and trains. The combination of high-resolution imaging and protective housing gives the Cisco 6050 the reliability required to maximize passenger safety and optimize mobile surveillance.

- Validated third party applications will allow customers to easily add functionality to the cameras such as video analytics, audio communications through cameras, IoT sensors/aggregators, and audio analytics capabilities.