Building Intelligence, Inc. becomes AMAG Technology Certified Partner

Companies will be collaborating under the Symmetry Extended Business Solution Program

The cloud component to the solution results in the lowest total cost of ownership possible. The greatest risks never use the front door, so managing visitors only as they enter the front, is not a solid security strategy. Using the system, guards with a tablet or other handheld device, have the necessary information to make an instant decision on whether a vehicle and its driver should have access to the loading dock area or any close proximity to the facility. Whether it is a small 50,000 square foot office building, a multi-building campus or a global corporate environment, using Building Intelligence solutions results in the ability to have a complete understanding of who and what unknown entities are on site and at whose request.

Watch lists can be managed and enforced on a global level. Chief Security Officers can see exactly where vehicles are on campus, who let them in and how long they plan on staying all from their desktop.

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