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Building Intelligence, Inc. becomes AMAG Technology Certified Partner

AMAG Technology, an access control, IP video and intrusion detection (IDS) solution provider, is proud to announce that Building Intelligence, Inc. is a member of AMAG’s new Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program as a Certified Partner. As a Certified Partner, Building Intelligence Company’s SV3 Visitor Management Portal (VMP) integrates with AMAG’s Symmetry Security Management System. AMAG and Building Intelligence, Inc. have cooperatively tested and certified the SV3 Management Portal with Symmetry v7.0.1, delivering an integrated security management solution to best meet customer needs.

“We are thrilled to have Building Intelligence Inc. as a Certified Partner,” said AMAG Technology, Extended Business Solutions Program Manager, Shae Taylor. “The Building Intelligence team accomplished full certification and implementation quicker than we’ve ever seen an EBS partner successfully integrate and execute. We are looking forward to a long, successful partnership that offers a unique integration functionality between their SV3 portal and AMAG’s Symmetry access control system.”

“This was our first of many customers requiring us to integrate with AMAG Symmetry access control so I was a little nervous about meeting schedule requirements, however the support we received from AMAG was exceptional and the delivery of the solution met all customer expectations!” said Laurie Aaron, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Building Intelligence. “Now that we are a certified partner, we intend to recommend AMAG whenever we can and we look forward to the opportunities that will come our way as a result of our partnership.”

SV3 Visitor Management Portal (VMP) is integrated with Symmetry v7.0.1 and deployed at a prominent building on Broadway in New York, NY. The building is over 900,000 square feet of office space and has 37 floors housing multiple high profile tenants. The two product lines (Symmetry & SV3) were sold to W&H Properties by Unlimited Technology, Inc. (UTI) an AMAG and Building Intelligence integration partner, who installed and will service the systems. The integration functionality allows visitors who have been scheduled in SV3 to be auto-populated into the Symmetry access control system with a visitor access privilege. The SV3 checks in the scheduled visitor, prints a badge with a barcode and pushes the visitor information to Symmetry. The badge then allows access through the lobby turnstiles and both Symmetry and SV3 have a record of the visitor, and SV3 stores the record in the cloud. The visitor’s access privilege expires automatically at the end of the day. The installation of both products went extremely smooth and met all schedule and deliverable requirements. The two systems are working seamlessly and training time was minimal due to the intuitive and user friendly nature of both products.

Providing innovative technology solutions for security practitioners and building owners to manage visitors, vehicles and vendors, Building Intelligence Inc. is a privately owned business based in New York City. Their cloud-based solutions are known as Shortpath, SV3 and Secure Vendor. Uniquely positioned to provide the tools for managing vendors as they enter on foot through the front door or in an unmarked vehicle at the loading dock area, their modular solution set is becoming widely adopted in many major metropolitan markets.

The cloud component to the solution results in the lowest total cost of ownership possible. The greatest risks never use the front door, so managing visitors only as they enter the front, is not a solid security strategy. Using the system, guards with a tablet or other handheld device, have the necessary information to make an instant decision on whether a vehicle and its driver should have access to the loading dock area or any close proximity to the facility. Whether it is a small 50,000 square foot office building, a multi-building campus or a global corporate environment, using Building Intelligence solutions results in the ability to have a complete understanding of who and what unknown entities are on site and at whose request.

Watch lists can be managed and enforced on a global level. Chief Security Officers can see exactly where vehicles are on campus, who let them in and how long they plan on staying all from their desktop.

For information on how to resell Building Intelligence Cloud Services, to enhance your RMR generation contact Laurie Aaron at or 877-353-3377 X7011.

For information about the Symmetry Security Management System integration with the SV3 VMP contact your Regional Sales Manager, call 310.518.2380 or visit For inquiries about the Symmetry Extended Business Solutions program (EBS) contact