Pivot3 and Arrow Electronics team up to deliver Rapid Horizon Appliances in EMEA

BARCELONA, Spain -- October 9, 2013 -- Pivot 3,, a leading provider of converged storage and compute appliances, today announced that Arrow Electronics Inc. will distribute the new Pivot3 vSTAC P Cubed Rapid Horizon Appliance to its channel customer base in EMEA. The Pivot3 vSTAC VDI appliance family enables VMware Horizon View deployments to be simple, affordable and channel consumable for the 200 to 2500 desktop target market. Pivot3 vSTAC VDI appliances unify storage and servers eliminating the need for any specialized IT expertise required to configure and integrate separate SAN storage, servers and software into a VDI solution.

“The addition of the Pivot3’s P Cubed Rapid Horizon Appliance to our portfolio of VDI solutions now enables us to offer a complete out-of-box VMware Horizon Suite solution, that includes Horizon Mirage, Horizon Workspace, and of course Horizon View,” said Denis Ferrand, EMEA sales director at Arrow ECS. “The P Cubed Rapid Horizon Appliance will enable our partner network to accelerate the use of VMware Horizon Suite through a pre-configured solution that is simple, scalable and cost-effective for their customers to deploy.”

The vSTAC R2 and R2S appliances are purpose-built to cost-effectively deploy VMware Horizon Suite. The vSTAC R2S appliance can not only handle the IOP needs for VMware Horizon View virtualized desktops, but it can also handle the high capacity requirements of VMware Horizon Mirage and VMware Horizon Workspace all within the same appliance. By using the VMware Horizon View Storage Accelerator™, Pivot3 vSTAC R2S customers can benefit from in-memory caching performance without having to pay for unnecessary and expensive read-side media. Each vSTAC R2S appliance can support between 117 to 154 virtual desktops and can be dynamically and automatically scaled-out with additional vSTAC appliances.

“Pivot3’s vSTAC P Cubed appliance has been a key part of our Rapid Desktop Appliance program since its inception,” said Mason Uyeda, senior director of technical marketing, End-User Computing, VMware. “This latest Pivot3 P Cubed rapid desktop appliance release, now with the pre-packaging and configuration of VMware Horizon Suite™, makes it easy for Arrow Electronics partners to rapidly and simply deploy VMware infrastructure to customers.”

“The P Cubed Rapid Desktop Appliance has been a fantastic success for us in the market, setting benchmarks for price, performance, and ease of deployment for VMware Horizon View™,” said Olivier Thierry, chief marketing officer at Pivot3. “This latest version of the P Cubed continues the ‘In-a-box’ trend of delivering top-tier performance, scalability and ease-of-use, but now with the ability for companies to establish a full VMware Horizon Suite environment in a couple of hours, straight out of the box with a completely pre-configured and ready to deploy appliance.”

Pivot3 has a broad range of Professional Services that are available to its partners in order to get a customer up and running rapidly and efficiently that help maximize the value of Horizon Suite and Pivot3 converged infrastructure appliances. Pivot3’s vSTAC P Cubed Rapid Horizon Appliance will be available for order in November 2013. List pricing for the vSTAC P Cubed starts at $34,999. For more information, visit pivot3.com.

About Pivot3

Pivot3 was founded in 2003 on the idea that today's stack of virtual servers, shared storage and networks could be converged to drive down complexity and cost while dramatically increasing scale-out performance. Today, Pivot3 has over 600 customers across the globe deploying Pivot3 vSTAC converged storage and compute appliances. Pivot3 products are deployed in the video surveillance and virtual desktop markets, and have seen particular success in the public sector, transportation, gaming, education and retail vertical segments. The company has won numerous awards and was most recently selected by Forbes Magazine in 2013 as “One of America’s Most Promising Companies”, and by CRN in their top 100 Virtualization list for 2012. Visit www.pivot3.com. Find the latest news and information about Pivot3 vSTAC VDI and P Cubed online: