Real-Time Technology Group

RTTG CEO Daniel Krantz to serve on National Sheriff’s Association committee

Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG) is pleased to announce that Daniel W. Krantz, RTTG CEO, has been appointed by Sheriff Michael Leidholt, current President of the National Sheriffs’ Association (NSA), to serve on its 2014 CJIS/Technology Committee.

Chartered in 1940, the National Sheriffs' Association is a professional association dedicated to serving the Office of Sheriff and its affiliates through police education, police training, and general law enforcement information resources. NSA represents thousands of Sheriffs, Deputies and other law enforcement and public safety professionals, as well as concerned citizens nationwide.  

"I am deeply honored to have been appointed to serve on the NSA CJIS/Technology Committee," Krantz says. “The opportunity to share what we’ve learned developing and hosting identity management and other security technologies for Public Safety is a real privilege. I hope to provide practical experience that adds value to the Sheriffs’ on-going efforts to improve information sharing in support of more efficient and effective law enforcement activities nationwide.”

Company Background

Real-Time Technology Group (RTTG) is an industry-leading provider of secure and hosted Web-based technology solutions for real-time critical information management in support of improved safety, security and business processes. These solutions monitor and facilitate the audited collection, processing, and need-to-know sharing of sensitive identity information within an enterprise, among agencies and organizations, or across an industry.  RTTG provides public agencies and private companies with secure and fully-managed technology solutions for: personal identity verification, background screening, professional training and certification tracking, and credential management. This improves risk management and assures compliance with access requirements.

Proven effectiveness and best-in-class professional support services have earned RTTG its reputation as a secure, trusted, and reliable technology partner.  RTTG led the technical development of the Secure Worker Access Consortium (SWAC) a unique personnel assurance program that helps secure the NY/NJ metro area's highest-value terrorist targets, including World Trade Center complex and regional critical transportation infrastructures.  RTTG's technology solutions are uniquely engineered to serve the needs of airports and transportation facilities, critical infrastructure, public landmarks and city centers, chemical and pharmaceutical facilities, healthcare and academic institutions, among others.

Founded in 1999 and led by Chief Executive Officer Daniel W. Krantz, the company prides itself on 100% employee-owned U.S.-based operations. Mr. Krantz co-founded SWAC which has grown to serve thousands of public and private organizations throughout the Northeast.  He is currently honored with a seat on the National Sheriffs Association’s CJIS/Technology Committee. 

In addition to his professional achievements, Mr. Krantz served his community for more than 12 years in volunteer Emergency Medical and Fire/Rescue Services. He was elected to various leadership positions including consecutive terms as Commanding Officer of his EMS unit in Somerset, NJ.  Krantz holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Rutgers College of Engineering as well as numerous emergency responder certifications.