Radiant Logic ships HDAP

RadiantOne 7.0’s elastic search and distributed computing create new possibilities for identity, access, and data management

Identity & Context at the Center of Data Management

RadiantOne can extract the contextual relationships between once-siloed information and represent that essential context using plain English, readable by both man and machine.

Traditionally, an LDAP engine was used to store and search all this information. But now, with Radiant’s HDAP breakthrough, the directory at the heart of IdM is becoming a system to publish contextual information from enterprise applications, making it searchable in the same way that users search the Internet—by keyword.

“As we adapt more and more context-aware devices, delving into the “Internet of Things,” we will also need high-speed context servers,” said Michel Prompt, CEO at Radiant Logic. “Combining search technology, context for structured data, and the evolution of LDAP changes the game for IdM, making the future of identity richer and more responsive to demand. In fact, with HDAP and context, we’re bringing users, identity, and security back where they belong—at the center of data management.”

RadiantOne 7.0 with HDAP will be available publicly on Dec. 16, 2013.