Simon King Wildlife brings the public closer to the natural world with IP cameras

Vivotek cameras used to monitor wildlife at close range

Live Performance, Beyond Expectations

“The quality and performance of VIVOTEK’s cameras truly impressed us,” enthuses Simon King. “We designed the Live Cam section of the site to share the wonder of wildlife with as many people as possible, wherever in the world they may be. Thanks to Huw Edwards’ professional advice and assistance, we selected VIVOTEK cameras with iCode System’s intelligent VMS i-Catcher. Subsequently we have managed to capture extraordinary and extremely rare wildlife events on our camera systems with VIVOTEK cameras, and the agile and real-time surveillance and recording through iCatcher! We’ll keep VIVOTEK cameras as our top choice whenever a new observation site is set up in the future. ”

“I am really pleased that the surveillance solution and its performance not only satisfied Simon’s requirements, but also surpassed his expectations” comments Huw Edwards. “Integrated with our i-Catcher VMS, which uses motion detection to trigger the recording of passing wildlife, the entire surveillance system truly offers an easy wildlife monitoring and recording solution.”

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