IQeye from Vicon

TruTV’s 'Full Throttle Saloon' features IQinVision

San Juan Capistrano, CA, December 11, 2013—IQinVision, market leader in high-performance HD megapixel IP cameras, today announced a new season of “Full Throttle Saloon” on TruTV. On Full Throttle Saloon, or FTS, IQinVision HD megapixel cameras are a prominent “cast member” as the 36 indoor and outdoor IQeye cameras play a crucial role in recording all the crazy happenings, document potential health and safety issues, help solve fights and vandalism charges, and keep an eye on the mountains of cash that flow through the saloon during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle rally.

As TruTV describes it, “Every year, the Full Throttle Saloon is open for only 10 days in August, when bikers from around the globe descend upon South Dakota for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. For bar owner Michael Ballard, the profits are huge, but the reality is intense.” New episodes of the show’s 4th season started on December 2nd, and the first episode can be viewed here. Past episodes are also available on this same TruTV website page.

The Full Throttle Saloon, owner Michael Ballard, and IQinVision have been partnering for over four years, covering four rallies during that period. The number of cameras to fully cover and document the 10-day megaevent has increased every year. “IQinVision’s megapixel cameras are an essential part of the Full Throttle Saloon’s operations,” said Michael Ballard, FTS owner and reality TV star. “You’ll see in nearly every episode of the program, we’re using live and recorded footage from the IQeye cameras to give us the intelligence and the evidence we need to act quickly to solve and prevent problems during all that is going on at the rally.”

Security and safety are critical when you have upwards of 50,000 people celebrating; tens of millions of dollars in highly-prized motorcycles; and hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing through the saloon each evening. “With IQinVision cameras, our security has improved every year,” commented Chris Donahue, Director of Security for the Full Throttle Saloon. “Every year, using high-quality IQeye images, we solve more incidents, prevent more incidents, and keep our patrons safer. The saloon is crazy and a lot of fun and we keep it that way and under control with top-of-the-line video surveillance capabilities and a crack security team.”

Keep an eye out for the future TruTV episode in which IQinVision Director of Sales, Wade Norman, sits down with FTS owner Michael Ballard to discuss the unique challenges presented by this type of surveillance application.