'Tablets for Security Consultants' presentation wins Prezi award

Chicago, IL--January 7, 2014 - Puffingston, a presentation design firm, recently won the “Best Business Prezi of 2013” Award with its security industry-specific presentation “Tablets for Security Consultants: 5 Ways to Maximize ROI.” The presentation describes ways security companies can use tablets during client consultations and was developed in collaboration with SecuritySalesTraining.com and Alarm Capital Alliance for an upcoming webinar series. The Puffingston presentation defeated over 100 nominees to win the award from Prezi--a presentation software company (think PowerPoint alternative) headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

The founder of Puffingston, Luke Goetting, has industry ties after working for RSI Video Technologies--Videofied for four years before launching the firm in July 2013. “At Puffingston we believe tablets can be an incredible asset for security consultants during client meetings, so our efforts are focused on delivering tablet-specific resources for security companies and other industry partners.” He notes that in addition to working with individual security companies, his company has collaborated with industry manufacturers and monitoring centers to create customizable presentation templates for their dealer networks.

The free webinar series will debut in February through both SecuritySalesTraining.com and Alarm Capital Alliance. “These webinars will be full of simple, tangible and affordable recommendations for security companies who’ve purchased or are considering purchasing tablets for their sales staff. Additionally, the plan is to take the dealer input we receive to create a ‘tablet best practices’ guide that we will make available later in the year,” says Goetting.

Registration information can be found through Puffingston.com or through either partner’s website.