Wyoming Military Department selects AtHoc for emergecy mass notification

Major deployment supports life safety mission for 2,500 personnel across the state

SAN MATEO, Calif. -- January 14, 2014) -- AtHoc, Inc. today announced that Wyoming Military Department (WYMD) has deployed the AtHoc Interactive Warning System (AtHoc IWS) for safety and accountability of 2,500 personnel. This implementation covers the Wyoming Army National Guard, the Wyoming Air National Guard, the Joint Force HQ in Cheyenne, the Camp Guernsey training base and multiple subordinate units and armories across the state.

This investment in the AtHoc IP-based innovation reflects WYMD’s commitment to life safety throughout its many diversified missions. AtHoc IWS leverages the latest advances in mobile, cloud and IP technologies to deliver a fully-integrated interactive communication system designed to rapidly reach all personnel in any situation. AtHoc provides an effective solution for force recall and mobilization for incidents such as forest fires, missing persons or crises due to severe weather and other natural and man-made disasters. WYMD personnel can receive alerts via computer desktop pop-up alerts, telephone, email and SMS texts.

WYMD plans to utilize the AtHoc system to communicate with state emergency management HQs and civilian law enforcement agencies. The Joint Force HQ will also regularly interface with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security and, potentially, other National Guard organizations.

All AtHoc communications are closed-loop, allowing responders to confirm their arrival at designated rally or cordoned areas. Real-time updates directly from the incident bring valuable insights in facilitating an expedited course of action. Post-crisis instructions maintain order and help bring the situation back to normal as quickly as possible.

“Our forces are spread out across the state,” explained Chief Warrant Officer, Four (CW4) Shane Mickelson, joint operations center battle captain. “During an emergency, AtHoc’s enterprise-class solution introduces a collaborative environment among dispersed rescue teams, a critical component that was missing in our previous system. AtHoc helps mission-essential personnel make quick, informed decisions while cutting response time when seconds count.”

“It’s an honor and a privilege to support the men and women of the Wyoming Military Department with reliable, trusted communication capabilities,” said Dave Brown, vice president, Defense and Intelligence Group, AtHoc. “AtHoc provides modern technology that allows real-time interaction among teams and accountability for all personnel during the life cycle of any threat, ensuring everyone’s safety.”

AtHoc unifies analog and digital systems over the IP network and transforms disparate, existing systems into one complete end-to-end tool for mass communication, empowering users and enhancing continuity of operations. Converging physical security and safety into the IP system, emergency managers are able to leverage all assets to issue interactive warnings with enterprise-wide reach throughout a base or across an entire state. Alert messages are delivered through an extensive range of channels and devices: any combination of sirens, radios, computer desktop pop-ups, instant messages, digital signs, texts, emails, VoIP work phones, mobile or smartphones and more. With a push of a button, all of these systems can be activated for mass warnings or targeted alerts to specific buildings, groups or individuals.

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