BCDVideo adds SMARTVMS flash memory module to its IP video recording servers

NORTHBROOK, IL – BCDVideo has added a new technological feature to their Nova Series IP Video Recording servers designed to save the integrator both time and money. Effective today, all BCDVideo IP Video Recording Servers will include an embedded, password-protected flash memory module. This leading-edge system enhancement, named SMARTVMS, allows the integrator to capture their VMS project system settings in a protected mode internal to the server. The device can be accessed remotely for system restore or any necessary modifications to the set-up without the expense of an on-site call. As the integrator makes changes to the site, those changes can be saved, allowing the system to always have the most current image for easy restore.

“This new technology will allow the contractor to save the entire VMS configuration, including the IP camera addressing, motion-detection settings, cameras settings, and other documents pertinent to the system, “states Tom Larson, Director of Global Accounts at BCDVideo. Adds Larson, “As an encrypted module, it allows the contractor to have all of the data pertaining to that project local to the system and accessible by only the contractor. For any reason, should the VMS get corrupted, the system can be rolled back to the last saved configuration. Since these files are 100% accessible and can be managed remotely, the contractor can restore the system from anywhere in the world.”

Last week, the company released SMARTRECOVERY, an embedded disaster recovery module which will now co-exist on all BCDVideo Nova systems along with SMARTVMS.  These two systems enhancements continue to make BCDVideo a leading innovator in the IP Video storage market.