TeleEye opens new office in Istanbul

TeleEye Group, one of the leading providers of video surveillance system, recently announced the establishment of its 11th overseas office –TeleAy Video Çözümleri A.S. – in Istanbul, Turkey.

The grand opening ceremony was held in Ramada Plaza Hotel on January 16,  2014. The launch which was presided over by  Bülent Çobanoglu, CEO of TeleAy Video Çözümleri A.S. and Semih Erk, a member of the board. Prof. Cliff Chan, CEO of the TeleEye Group also introduced TeleEye’s history, its vision and commitment to customers in Turkey.

“Today, TeleEye will open its 11th overseas office, forming a distribution network that covers more than 50 countries and regions. As we share the joy of the grand opening of TeleEye Turkey, the year 2014 will also be one to commemorate TeleEye’s dedication of 20 years of innovation in the video surveillance industry, a commitment to deliver the most professional and advanced technologies, and superior services to our valued customers in Turkey as well as the world,” said Prof. Cliff Chan, CEO of the TeleEye Group.

Due to increasing security concerns, the global video surveillance market is projected to expand rapidly in the next coming years.  “As per the estimation, carried out by IHS research, the global CCTV market grew to $13.8 Billion by the end of 2013. It is also predicted that such expansion at an annual growth rate of about 14 percent will last for next five years,” Prof. Chan added. “And according to the same research, the penetration of network video in Turkey will increase significantly towards 2016 due to a number of infrastructure and transportation projects."

"We have also estimated that Turkey CCTV market needs about 700 thousand video channels per year. To respond to the market’s needs, TeleEye Group will bring the most advanced technologies and achieve getting five percent of the market share in a three-year plan in Turkey.” Prof. Chan continued.