Trident multi-point exit locks celebrate 10 years protecting retail stores

Maspeth, NY –  January 23, 2014 -- Securitech Group, Inc., the leading “go-to” manufacturer for special locking solutions, has completed the first decade protecting America’s retail stores with thousands of Trident Multi-Point Locks installed across the country.

Trident Multi -Point Locks provide multi-point deadbolt locking with maximum, time proven resistance to break-ins. Code compliant, single motion exiting retracts all moving bolts simultaneously, as opposed to the use of slide bolts, drop bars, padlocks, etc., which violate building and fire safety codes. Offering maximum protection at the lock edge, the stainless steel deadbolts project one full inch into the frame. Also included is a hinge-side bolt that protects the door against hinge
side attacks. It is important to note that the Trident Multi -Point Lock’s bottom locking module bolts into the frame instead of into the floor.

History has shown that bolting into the floor causes malfunctioning which results in numerous service calls. This is due to dirt, salt, or moisture accumulation clogging the floor bolt hole. The Trident Multi-Point Lock overcomes weakness in doors with a large stainless steel anti-pry plate. All locking modules are all thru-bolted, including the stainless steel anti-pry plate.

The Trident Multi -Point Lock is available in self re-locking and manual re-locking models. Retail stores gravitate towards using the self re-locking model so that the door always relocks after use. No retail store owner wants their back door left open. Meeting retail store owners’ requests, many options have been added to the Trident Multi -Point Lock. Added options range from battery-operated, direct power, and signal output for alarms, plus entry options such as keyed entry and access control integration. Both single and double door models are available.

The Trident Multi -Point Lock comes with a full size marking template which ensures an accurate and quick installation. Most options for the Trident Multi -Point Lock are modular in nature and can be added in the field at any time. The Trident  Multi-Point Lock  has proven itself in protecting retail stores across the country from massive break-in attempts.