Electric Guard Dog RMR surpasses $2M

February 6, 2014 Columbia, SC - Today, Electric Guard Dog CFO Nathan Leaphart announced a seminal financial accomplishment at the #1 Theft Deterrent Service in the U.S.:  the company's Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) has topped $2 million per month, a full 17% increase over the end of 2012.

Leaphart attributed the company's stellar success to "getting the word out about our perimeter security service. We've offered our customers a great value proposition for years, and the statistics speak for themselves: 95% of our customers have no external theft after installation. Our service was always great, but previously it was a well-kept secret. As we've been able to spread the word, more and more customers have found the Electric Guard Dog to be just what they need to stop theft at their site." 

CEO Jack DeMao agreed and added, "We've raised brand awareness by hiring outside sales representatives to foster direct, personal relationships with our customers, we've invested in trade shows and associations in all six of our major vertical markets, and we've become active sponsors and members of cargo theft task forces." 

Thoughtful, DeMao added, "And the citation in J.J.'s book did not go amiss either," referring to the two-page ringing endorsement in the new reference book 'Cargo Crime' by the nationally recognized authority on cargo theft, J.J. Coughlin. In his book, Coughlin described Electric Guard Dog as "tried and true...went from having numerous breaches a week to absolutely nothing."

2014 promises to be another banner year for Electric Guard Dog as the alpha in security. The company anticipates adding 40% more net RMR in 2014 than it did in its record 2013 year.

Electric Guard Dog, the #1 Theft Deterrent Service in the U.S., is the single largest provider of electric security fences in the U.S. A Security Partner for 3,000+ commercial and industrial locations, their solar-powered security solution protects businesses that are frequent targets of professional theft, including cargo theft and copper theft. The Electric Guard Dog system ensures employees and properties are protected, all while reducing total security costs.

For more information, please contact Kathleen Hannon at 704-425-8106 or via email at khannon@electricguarddog.com.