CBORD’s new Avail takes facility access control to the cloud

Ithaca, NY -- February 20, 2014 -- CBORD, a leading provider of campus card and integrated security solutions to colleges and universities, has introduced Avail, a hosted access control solution designed for security, ease of use, and cost savings. Avail brings the benefits of world-class security technology while reducing expense and complexity.

Hosted Access Control Delivers High Security at Lower Costs

Designed for small and mid-sized access control implementations, Avail simplifies access management. With no software to install or servers to maintain, Avail is fast to implement and easy to manage. Freed from the costs and labor of system maintenance, campus administrators can better apply their resources to their students’ safety. CBORD’s information and physical security expertise means universities save time and money in managing many common system administration functions such as adding doors, creating customized reports, monitoring system health, and much more. This CBORD hosted service is ideal for institutions without the resources to manage an on-premise solution.

Easy to Use and Expand

Accessible from any secure web browser, administrators can monitor and act on security incidents anytime, anywhere with this easy-to-use solution. Each institution can tailor its use of Avail with customizable user rights and security. Distributed administration lets designated staff maintain central control while distributing privileges to other individuals and departments on an as-needed basis. Avail provides reliable audit trails while reducing risk.

“Avail brings all the pieces of our access control management into one interface,” says Dr. Michael Barber, PhD, Chief Information Officer at Montana State University Billings. “The ability to manage our doors centrally saves us time and labor, and gives us the option to expand the system in the future should the need arise. We need solutions that help us do more without requiring more people or more systems. That’s the greatest benefit a hosted system brings us.”

World-Class Security from an Industry Leader  

Avail harnesses the proven power of CBORD’s industry-leading CS Access solution, already in use on hundreds of campuses around the world, and delivers it in a hosted package ideal for small and mid-sized implementations. Avail supports the latest credentials, readers, and mobile solutions that do more than open doors—they proactively improve campus security. Learn more at www.cbord.com/security.

“Avail delivers the power of CBORD’s leading access control software in a hosted format, putting cutting-edge security well within reach for smaller institutions without the resources to manage on-premise solutions,” says Cindy McCall, CBORD’s Vice President of Marketing. “Today’s students, parents, and administrators expect sophisticated security technologies. Avail helps universities improve campus safety with minimal system administration.”

About The CBORD Group, Inc.

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