LILIN North America expands its California branch office

Los Angeles County, CA – LILIN North America, the US entity of IP video market leader Merit LILIN, today announced its continued expansion in the markets of IP video and automation with the launch of two new demo rooms – the Automation Experience Center (AEC) and the LILIN Solutions Center (LSC). Both new additions to the North American facility are designed to cater to security and automation dealers, serving as prime product displays and training centers.

Located just near the entrance of the LILIN North America lobby, the LSC serves as the location for LILIN’s in-house IP Bootcamps and trainings with twelve hands-on workstations, a live video wall, and over 30 different cameras mounted and recording. With the nationwide education of customers being a priority, this new demo room will also serve as the space for all of LILIN North America’s online webinars.

Just down the hall from the LSC is the AEC. Intended to pique the interest of home automation dealers and installers, this room takes form as a custom home theater, and serves as the main showroom for LILIN’s automation channel. With a Control4 HC-800 Controller and in-wall touch panels, LILIN displays how seamlessly the NVR Touch integrates with the Control4 system. The AEC provides dealers with a solid solution in giving customers HD access to their camera system from their TV, via the WATCH TV section of the Control4 UI. Using the Control4 SR-250 Remote Control, users can search playback, control PTZ’s, and even blow up full screen images of any individual camera from the live camera matrix. The AEC is also equipped with a 5.1 surround sound experience provided by TruAudio, making any movie come to life. All recording components are organized in-wall with the FORGE 28U Rack chassis for easy cable management and service access.

“Control4 is thrilled to further collaborate with LILIN; we see this as an exceptional opportunity to showcase our home automation solutions within an interactive environment that features the latest in personalized security and home technology,” said Paul Williams, VP of Security and Communications Products at Control4. “Integrating the Control4 system within this experience center allows us to demonstrate the flexibility of our platform, while arming dealers with a solid automated security solution they can rely on.”