Kaba expands in Brazil

By acquiring Task Sistemas de Computação S/A, based in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Kaba Group is expanding its activities in the promising Brazilian market. Task Sistemas de Computação, a privately owned company, operates in four product areas – Workforce Management, Access Control, Closed-Circuit Television and ID Solutions – and has a substantial customer base. Its range of products is specially tailored to meet the needs of the Brazilian market. The company, which has its own assembly operation, supplies private and business customers through three offices and more than ten distribution partners.

Growth Market in Brazil

Riet Cadonau, CEO of Kaba Group, says: "The acquisition of Task Sistemas de Computação gives us access to a nationwide distribution network, to products which fit the needs of the local market and it provides a business platform for the existing Kaba product portfolio." Kaba Group already undertakes limited activities in Brazil through its subsidiary Kaba Brazil (São Paulo) in the areas of Self-Boarding Gates, Immigration Control, Hotel Locks, High Security Locks and Access Control.