Axis 'critter cams' connect wildlife to the world thanks to conservation non-profits

On Earth Day, Axis recognizes role IP video plays in raising awareness of wildlife conservation through education, entertainment and endowment

CHELMSFORD, Mass. – April 22, 2014 – Axis Communications, the global leader in network video, today celebrates Earth Day by highlighting non-profit organizations who raise awareness of wildlife and conservation projects through live Web streams of animal habitats using Axis network cameras.

These “critter cams” let viewers share in the daily lives of animals usually hidden in forests, groves or high atop trees. The high-quality streams, often running 24/7 in HDTV-quality, are an important educational tool to protect, preserve and promote awareness of wild animals and the threats they face in a changing environment.

The video also contributes to scientific discovery and aids in the rehabilitation of injured wildlife – all without disrupting animal habitats. Check out the following links for up close and personal encounters with birds, bears and manatees, and learn more about each organization below:

  • See herons, albatrosses, owls, hawks and more at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology live streams with AXIS Q6044-E PTZ Network Cameras, AXIS P3364-LVE Network Cameras and others at  
  • See bald eagles at the American Eagle Foundation live stream with an AXIS Q6035-E PTZ Network Camera at:
  • See bears, eagles, hawks and vultures at the Wildlife Center of Virginia live streams with AXIS Q6035 PTZ Network Cameras and AXIS P3367-V Network Cameras at
  • See the Save the Manatee Club Web stream, underwater and above, with AXIS P5534-E PTZ Dome Network Camera and others at or

Cornell Lab of Ornithology: From the treetops to the desktop

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, a part of Cornell University, has been actively expanding their Web streaming offerings since 2012. “The ability of birds to captivate and engage people is nearly unlimited,” said Bird Cam Project Leader Charles Eldermire. “However, not everyone has access to their world. Our cams offer an intimate perspective into the everyday lives of birds, providing something at once both ordinary and extraordinary.”

The Cornell Lab has installed Axis network cameras at sites around the country, including an AXIS P3364-LVE Fixed Dome Network Camera at a great blue heron nest in Ithaca, New York and an AXIS Q6044-E PTZ Network Camera at an albatross nest in Kauai, Hawaii. The Cornell Lab chose Axis because of their rugged, ready-to-install enclosures, features such as PTZ capabilities, color-at-night Lightfinder and remote, browser-based management options.

In Ithaca, the great blue heron camera captured previously undocumented courtship and breeding behavior, adding scientific benefits to educational and awareness milestones already achieved.

“The amazing thing is that the public is at the crest of that wave of discovery right there next to us, and the relevancy of those observations, both to science and in the individual's own experience, is a very empowering and engaging tool to connect people with birds and the natural world,” Eldermire said.

American Eagle Foundation: Face to face with a national symbol

The America Eagle Foundation (AEF) in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee has also found the family life of birds to be a major draw for the public. The AEF operates the largest bald eagle breeding and educational center in the United States and has been working to protect the national icon since 1985. In 2013, they began live streaming video and audio from an eagle nest in Florida with an AXIS Q6035-E PTZ Dome Network Camera. The project was surveyed and installed by Florida-based systems integrator JES Hardware Solutions.

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