AMAG Technology

SRI International certifies with AMAG Technology under Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program

Torrance, CA, April 22, 2014 – AMAG Technology, an access control, IP video, and intrusion detection (IDS) solution provider, is pleased to announce that SRI International is now a member of the Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program as a Certified Partner. SRI has integrated its Iris on the Move (IOM) N-Glance biometric system with AMAG’s Symmetry v7.0.1 Security Management System access control software. AMAG and SRI cooperatively tested and certified this integration.

“The integration with SRI’s IOM N-Glance system offers customers a hands-free, efficient biometric solution for Symmetry end users needing increased security,” said Symmetry Extended Business Solutions Program Manager Shae Taylor.

“Positive identity verification is essential for effective access control,” said Mark Clifton, vice president, Products and Services Division at SRI International. “SRI's highly accurate, easy-to-use biometric systems integrate seamlessly with Symmetry software to implement secure access throughout any facility or campus.”

SRI’s Iris on the Move systems deliver the unprecedented security of biometric identification without compromising convenience or slowing down business. The integration of the IOM N-Glance system with the Symmetry Security Management System offers mutual customers an enhanced experience and added security critical to today's operating environments.

IOM also allows for reliable iris scanning in outdoor environments and all lighting conditions. Unlike traditional biometric systems that require users to stop or to position their eyes close to a camera in controlled, indoor environments, IOM products enable people to simply glance and go. Individuals are identified in less than a second, whether they are in motion, walking through a turnstile, or in a vehicle. 

More information about SRI’s Iris on the Move biometric products is available at For information about the Symmetry Security Management System integration with the IOM N-Glance iris biometric system contact your Regional Sales Manager, call 310-518-2380, or visit For inquiries about the Symmetry Extended Business Solutions program (EBS) contact