PPM 2000 Inc

Microsoft sees successful incident tracking and case management with PPM 2000 software

Edmonton, AB—April 30, 2014—PPM 2000, the industry’s leading authority on incident management, is the subject of a recent blog posting authored by Microsoft’s Senior Global Security Director of Technology and Investigations. The blog, found athttp://www.microsoft.com/government/ww/safety-defense/blog/Pages/post.aspx?postID=454&aID=126, describes how PPM’s Perspective software supports fast collaborative information sharing and how it is used by Microsoft’s investigation teams for both retail and corporate concerns.

“As providers of incident management technology, it’s very rewarding to us to know we’ve made a measurable impact on a customer’s overall security,” said Elaine O’Sullivan, President and Co-CEO, PPM. “Our nine-year relationship with Microsoft is testimony, both to the benefits of Perspective and to our objective of establishing meaningful relationships with our customers.”

The Microsoft blog tells the story of how several of their retail stores were targeted by an organized crime group. The Perspective software enabled Microsoft’s Global Security personnel to bring order to the investigation and optimize analysis of the data that was accumulated. The information provided to law enforcement was instrumental in the arrest of numerous suspects. The column goes on to say that by utilizing Perspective, Microsoft Global Security has been able to greatly reduce the labor required for collecting incident data; more significantly, they have also reduced the number of incidents.

A pioneer in the field of incident management, PPM developed Perspective, the company’s end-to-end enterprise solution, to address the unique needs of both operations and investigations. By sharing event data and related information, both security disciplines can collaborate to identify trends, take meaningful action, and reduce risk.