Secura Key announces technology partnership with Hikvision

June 16, 2014 / -- Secura Key, a leading manufacturer of access control products and systems and Hikvision, the world’s leading supplier of video surveillance equipment, announce the successful integration of Secura Key’s SK-NET™ Access Control Software with Hikvision which is a VMS system used for CCTV video recording and streaming.

The integration allows the user to link any video channel from the Hikvision VMS to the SK-NET™ platform and to record video while an access control or intrusion event occurs. The integration supports live video with PTZ control, provides video clips of events or event sequences, allows speed control and frame-by-frame analysis. Clips or individual frames can be downloaded to a removable storage device for forensic purposes. The integration even provides comparison of live-vs-stored cardholder images at critical entrances for security guards to take whatever actions they deem necessary.

According to Secura Key’s VP of Sales, Charlie Anthony, “Our partnership with Hikvision combined with the launch of our NOVA.16 control panel adds new value and capability to the SK-NET™ platform. This is a key milestone in our current effort to add more high-end features to our value-priced product line.”

“The integration between Secura Key’s SK-NET™ Access Control Software and Hikvision VMS system means that we can offer a more holistic solution for our mutual customers,” said Keen Yao, International Marketing Director at Hikvision, “Instead of CCTV systems and access control working separately from each other, they can now be networked and centrally controlled via the SK-NET platform. Together, the combination will help to reduce the risks of unauthorized access to any building or site.”