UHS-1500 device

UHS-1500 device

UHS-1500 device Product Image

Honeywell has released the UHS-1500 device for its Vindicator V5 access control and intrusion detection systems, which are primarily used to protect government and military installations. The device features dual Ethernet ports that provide physical and logical redundancy, a critical capability for end-users who must protect mission-critical facilities from the increasing threat of cyber attacks. In addition to dual Ethernet ports, the device uses advanced cryptography to reduce the threat of data being captured or compromised. To secure communications between field devices and the system's controller, the unit can use either TDEA encryption or the new AES encryption that was recently implemented by the Department of Defense to meet heightened encryption requirements.

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Secure Global Solutions’ Network Navigator

Product From Secure Global Solutions

Secure Global Solutions announces the release of the Network Navigator, a plug-and-play solution for creating secure remote access and monitoring network performance and devices.

Less than 10% of the 15 trillion IP devices installed on networks are monitored. At a fraction of the cost of competing monitoring systems, the Network Navigator is an affordable solution to all network monitoring needs. The Network Navigator will monitor and send notifications of network anomalies before minor problems become disasters. A Navigator Controller head-end appliance or VMware solution acts as the connector for users and field Network Navigators.

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ISD-1000 series data line surge protectors

Product From Moxa

BREA, CA, JUNE 5, 2013 -- Moxa, a provider of hardened networking, communication and computing solutions, today announced the new ISD-1000 Series of data line surge protectors engineered to guard data and hardware from harmful transient energies resulting from the "switching" of nearby equipment.

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AvaLAN’s AW-HSNetAppliance Network Tunneling Appliance

Product From AvaLAN Wireless Systems Inc.

Huntsville, AL., August 22nd, 2012 - Alabama-based AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce its new hardware-based VPN device that allows devices to be remotely accessible over a typical network without requiring remote firewall ports to be opened or fixed IP addresses assigned. The AW-HSNetAppliance is fully FIPS140-2 Level 2 certified. Anyone in a government agency or sensitive private industry such as health care, energy or financial with a need to transfer sensitive but unclassified data is now required to encrypt this data with a method that conforms to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Standard FIPS 140-2. AvaLAN Wireless has developed a hardware encryption module (AW140) that has been validated by CMVP (the Cryptographic Module Validation Program) to FIPS 140-2 Level 2. We have packaged the module together with an Ethernet interface in a convenient inexpensive device that can encrypt data in a FIPS 140-2 certified manner for your network.

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OneSign Secure Walk-Away

Product From Imprivata

With OneSign Secure Walk-Away, Imprivata enables hospitals to improve patient safety by eliminating the charting errors that can result from unattended workstations. It also ensures regulatory compliance by taking the burden of desktop security out of the hands of clinicians in a non-intrusive and seamless way.

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3M Privacy Filters

Product From 3M

Keep confidential information on computer screens secure with 3M Privacy Filters. You’ll see clearly looking directly at the display, while from the side, others see a dark screen, blocking any chance of a security breach. Place one on your laptop or LCD for privacy anywhere you work.

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Network/Physical Access Control Enforcement

Product From Hirsch Electronics Corporation

Hirsch Electronics has teamed with Juniper Networks and Infoblox to craft a solution that ties physical and network together, increasing protection for both environments. The solution was implemented by the companies using the open Trusted Network Connect architecture and IF-MAP open-standard protocol for metadata exchange endorsed by Trusted Computing Group (TCG). As part of the solution, Hirsch's Velocity Security Management System sent IF-MAP based physical event messages (metadata) to the Infoblox appliance, which in turn notified the Juniper network appliance that enforced Network Access Control (NAC) policies.

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Product From Talis Data Systems

Talis Data Systems has launched Datagent, an NSA/NIAP-validated, hardware-based security system. When installed in a PC or workstation, Datagent controls user-access to peripherals, preventing data migration across multiple, secure networks and providing protection against insider attacks. Independent of a PC's operating system, the solution's SmartCard-based interface provides system administrators with a fully-configurable and auditable protection strategy to manage user access to components, such as hard drives, USB ports and network connections. The product is NSA/NIAP-validated at EAL level 4 and ensures complete physical separation of up to three networks within a single desktop computer.

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Product From Senstar Inc.

CyberVigil is an industrial cyber security switch providing unique protection for physical security networks and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) against cyber-attacks. With autonomous  and embedded cyber security for all network layers (physical to application), CyberVigil is a unique combination of top-notch industrial switch (which is the core of every network) and a cyber security engine that monitors all the traffic in the network and isolates “infected” network areas. CyberVigil is easy to, configure and operate.  It provides ironclad security together with full featured networking capabilities, optimized for physical security networks, SCADA systems and utility control networks.

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KMICE0x adaptive module for Edge Security Suite

Product From Milton Security Group Inc.

FULLERTON, Calif., Feb. 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In the wake of the rampant spread of the Kaptoxa Malware, Milton Security Group is unveiling a breakthrough evolution of its Edge Security suite of products aimed at thwarting the threat known to have affected numerous retail giants such as Target Stores, Neiman Marcus, Michaels and countless other organizations.

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Raytheon's SureView Insider Threat and Privileged User Abuse Detection Software

Product From Raytheon

DULLES, Va., (April 25, 2014) — Raytheon Company today announced the latest developments found in their new SureView release, which include new policy support features that enhance product capability for continuous monitoring and network auditing against insider threat and privileged user abuse.

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