EasyRead Handheld Biometric Reader

EasyRead Handheld Biometric Reader

EasyRead Handheld Biometric Reader Product Image

Datastrip's EasyRead handheld biometric reader is designed for the secure verification of travel documents. The mobile biometric device offers a one-step inspection procedure for securely validating Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) and verifying document holders. The unit also provides features to support identity management for e-passports, as well as national ID cards, visas and other ID programs. It reads and inspects first- and second-generation e-passports and other documents in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organization's 9303 standard and extended access control specifications. The device also reads border-crossing credentials and government-issued documents supporting US-VISIT and NEXUS Border Crossing programs. Additionally, the unit's high-capacity data storage and hot-swappable replacement batteries boost its efficiency and reliability in the field. The unit's capabilities also can be expanded to include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular network connectivity to remote databases.

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Invixium’s new IXM SENSE access control reader

Product From Lumidigm Inc.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – September 19, 2013 – Lumidigm announced that Invixium’s new IXM SENSE access control reader delivers an unparalleled end user experience by combining multispectral fingerprint imaging technology supplied by Lumidigm coupled with Invixium’s sophisticated matching algorithm which delivers 10,000 matches per second. It is the industry’s first biometric product using Android OS (Jelly Bean) and an integrated presence detection sensor. IXM SENSE also boasts an IP65 rating, power over ethernet (PoE), multiple smart and proximity card options, and other advanced features.

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Multi-Biometric Enrollment Station (CBES)

Product From Cogent Systems

CBES is a multi-biometric enrollment station designed to facilitate the application enrollment process. With its built-in environmental light control mechanism and fully motorized height adjustability, the station captures high quality fingerprints via 3M Cogent's CS500e FBI-certified scanner, ICAO-compliant facial image, signature images, and demographic data from a passport. Designed for flexibilit, CBES offers various configurations to support the business challenges and operating needs of large scale document issuance programs such as biometric e-passport, driver license, identity card, gun permit, benefit entitlement card, and voter registration.

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L-SCAN Master biometric identity management middleware

Product From Cross Match Technologies

L-SCAN Master biometric identity management middleware from Cross Match Technologies enables quick integration of fingerprint and palm print capture information to biometric applications. Features include: Both NIST and AWARE algorithms for capture, segmentation, sequence checking, quality checking and compression; pre-defined auto capture workflows; support of Microsoft Windows 7; and more.

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db ServerRack

Product From Digitus Biometrics

Southco and Digitus Biometrics have launched the db ServerRack access control system, an electromechanical latch (EML) system with an integrated biometric reader for server enclosures. The unit uses Southco’s H3-EM Electronic Locking Swinghandle with a built-in, multi-stage fingerprint verification and access control system from Digitus Biometrics. The unit connects directly to a data center’s network via an ordinary RJ45 connector.

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Precise Sense combination fingerprint/smartcard readers

Product From Precise Biometrics Inc.

Precise Biometrics has launched Precise Sense combination fingerprint/smartcard readers, available in various configurations focusing on different types of requirements. The reader comes in versions including both smartcard and fingerprint reader, or fingerprint only, with either swipe or touch sensors. Because of its modular design, end-users can choose between six different variations. The unit is ideal for organizations looking to use smart cards and biometrics for logical access.

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MorphoAccess VP Series

Product From Morpho

Morpho has successfully fused two independently unique biometric factors into a simultaneous match on a single device. With customizable settings the reader can be configured for:
1. Extreme security applications based on mandatory matching of both the fingerprint and the vein simultaneously;

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Biometric HandKey readers

Product From Allegion

Schlage biometric HandKey readers are ideal for applications such as perimeter control, where reliability and high security are critical. The readers are easy to install and maintain, can be used outdoors or indoors, and are especially useful in high-traffic locations. They support multiple credentials, and outdoor enclosure options are available. A specially formulated antimicrobial coating on the platen, which lasts for the life of the product, inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, limiting the spread of germs.

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BioTrust biometric logon software

Product From 3M Cogent

3M Cogent’s BioTrust® biometric logon software is a fast, easy, and secure way to replace your Windows® computer logon. Your face or fingerprint replaces the traditional username and password logon. Just sit down in front of your computer or swipe your finger across the fingerprint sensor and BioTrust will do the rest. Lighting conditions, such as side lighting, backlit areas, low ambient lighting, or lighting from the LCD screen itself are not an issue with 3M Cogent’s advanced facial matching algorithm. All you need is a web camera or a fingerprint sensor.

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ADEL APEX US-1 Premium Biometric Lockset

Product From Digitlocks Inc.

Digitlocks Inc. introduces the ADEL APEX US-1 Premium Biometric Lockset. The locksets are designed to address the need for Authenticated Access Control applications in commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications where trusted access - knowing that only a specific set of enrolled people can gain entry - is an essential. It features a single Master Code for programming as well as the ability to add a temporary single-use code which can be pre-programmed and issued to a family member, friend or vendor via phone, text message or a tweet for one-time access. Up to 95 fingerprints can be enrolled into the lock. Suspend users, privacy lockout and passage mode features are included. An optional ANSI Grade 1 cylindrical chassis and UL latch set is available.

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Quantum Secure's SAFE for Finance Application Module

Product From Quantum Secure

Atlanta, GA (September 29, 2014) – Quantum Secure continues to expand its offering of specialized application modules for the company’s industry leading SAFE physical identity and access management (PIAM) software solution with the introduction of  SAFE for Finance here at ASIS 2014. The sophisticated software centralizes all company and identity information across systems and departments into one policy and privilege based view. The automated features in SAFE for Finance result in minimized risk, superior compliance and reporting and reduced operating costs.

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