FST21’s SafeRise Access Solution

FST21’s SafeRise Access Solution

FST21’s SafeRise Access Solution Product Image

SafeRise technology - an intelligent and highly secure controlled access solution from FST21 - is revolutionizing building security. It provides authorized users easy and  automated access to government, commercial and residential buildings while maintaining the highest level of security.

Never before has building security been more critical, and SafeRise technology delivers a secure, convenient and reliable way to let authorized individuals in - and keep unauthorized ones out. SafeRise recognizes people simply by the way they look, walk and talk. It can tell if someone is in distress, identify their car, even carry on a conversation with them.

Because it can quickly identify anyone who is standing at the door, SafeRise can make an informed decision whether to allow entrance, verify guests or transfer them to a monitoring station representative for assistance. There's no need for a key, card or access code. Using state-of-the- art technologies, SafeRise is an In Motion Identification system that allows approved users, as well as their approved visitors and service providers, to enter a building through a fusion of biometric recognition, voice and license plate recognition.

These include:

Facial Recognition (a non-intrusive and intuitive method of automatically identifying a person based on a digital video image) SafeRise uses facial characteristics and measurements specific to an individual to identify them as they approach.

Behavioral Analytics (automatic detection of repeating a person's behavioral characteristics when entering the building: time of day arrival, direction and location of entrance, walking speed, body size, gait, and additional features.) On every entry, the system creates a score of behavioral parameters, then correlates whose with the person's typical behavior profile. The auto-learning algorithm is constantly updating the personal profile to create a most accurate and up-to-date score for each tenant.

Speech Recognition (recognizing spoken words and converting them into voice control commands) SafeRise when requested by a visitor at the door, can automatically call a tenant to verify access.

Speaker Recognition (the validation of a person's identity on the basis of distinct voice characteristics). SafeRise recognizes a pre-authenticated person’s voice in order to automatically open the door in response.

License Plate Recognition (LPR - a surveillance method using image recognition software algorithms to automatically detect and read a vehicle's license plate number to provide parking lot access to authorized vehicles.) Upon vehicle exit, SafeRise LPR and recognition technologies combine to automatically cross reference the license plate number with a database of authorized drivers if an unauthorized driver is detected.

Video Analytics (sophisticated software algorithms that monitor an area of interest in order to detect movement or changes in a video stream.) SafeRise functionality in this area includes a people counter, speed and density measurements, and tailgating and color detection.

A comprehensive controlled access solution and service that facilitates management and control of building entry points, common areas, elevators and parking, SafeRise represents a best in breed fusion of cutting edge technologies including 2nd generation biometrics, video and voice analytics. For more information, please visit www.fst21.com.

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FST21's SafeI Access Control Controller

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FST21, a leading technology company specializing in the field of identification and security, is pleased to announce the arrival of SafeI, a fully integrated access control controller that delivers the most advanced, secure and convenient In Motion Identification access control on the market.

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