Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Intrusion Detectors

Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Intrusion Detectors

Bosch Blue Line Gen2 Intrusion Detectors Product Image

Blue Line Gen2 Motion Detectors include passive infrared (PIR), Quad PIR detectors, and TriTech detectors that combine PIR and microwave technologies for more advanced analysis. All models use an interchangeable mounting base, enabling easy upgrades to more advanced detection technology in areas prone to false alarms. In addition, pet-friendly models can be set to “No Pet” to allow customers to use the same product in multiple applications, reducing inventory for security dealers.

Blue Line Gen2 Motion Detectors deliver an expanded 40x40 feet wall-to-wall, gap free coverage area. With First Step Processing, the detectors intelligently analyze motion to differentiate human targets from other sources of movement and automatically adjust sensitivity based on signal amplitude, polarity, slope and timing. This advanced technology also ensures the detectors’ two sensors agree there is an alarm before the relay activates – delivering an instant response to intruders without false alarms.

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ePIR technology

Product From EE Systems Group

EE Systems Group Inc. developed ePIR technology is being extended to EE988DPG- eTri-Tech Protection Unit is especially focused on compatibility, affordability and practicality for Residential, Commercial and Industrial intrusion detecting and protecting applications combined. Unlike traditional PIRs, the unit’s innovative and self-contained design allows for remarkable Tri-performances. More than just an ePIR, the unit has a built-in HP Audible and HI-LED Visual warning functionality that is compatible with virtually all alarm control panels. This provides optional an benefit: Supervision with backup for anti-destruction / attack protection which increases the determent effect and enhances the captured video/CCTV images with a simple, one time single device installation.

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Product From PROTECH/Protection Technologies Inc

The XL2 version of PIRAMID from Protection Technologies Inc. provides outdoor false-alarm-free performance volumetric protection under even the most severe environmental conditions. PIRAMID XL2 models SDI-76XL2 and SDI-77XL2 are dual technology sensors combining PROTECH'S proprietary Stereo Doppler Microwave technology with a dual element passive infrared sensor.

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CVP Switching Control Mats

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures pressure sensitive sensing mats for detection, protection, and security. In additional to standard products, such as The CVP switch control mat, we custom manufacture to size, lead location, and lead length to fit your application exactly.

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Murena PLUS 24

Product From CIAS Labs

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3D MLI Sensor

Product From IEE Sensing, Inc.

The 3D MLI Sensor with its on-board applications is a networked (IP Addressable) self-contained people counter, doorway tailgate detector, single person detector (virtual man-trap), and object surveillor. Ideal for access control applications as well as high security areas, and protection of 3 dimensional objects of artwork.

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IP-Based Panic Solutions

Product From Metis Secure Solutions

PITTSBURGH—Metis Secure has launched a new line of IP-based “panic” solutions that people use to instantly and discreetly summon police or security if danger strikes. For emergency responders, the

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eResponder Personal Emergency Response System

Product From Securus Inc.

CARY, NC – Securus, Inc., a leading provider of advanced mobile safety and security solutions, announced eResponder, a very small, lightweight, and comfortable-to-wear mobile personal emergency response system which enables users to break free from landline-based systems that only work in and around the home.  Today’s seniors are living more active and independent lives.  This mobility is driving the demand for a

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Wireless Panic Alarm Systems

Product From Flair Electronics

When danger is imminent, teachers and administrators need a simple reliable panic alarm system to bring help quickly.

Flair Electronics introduces Model 580-4 (four zone), 580-24 (twenty-four zone) and 580-32 (thirty-two zone) Panic Alarm Systems powered by Inovonics wireless equipment. Teachers can carry wireless panic buttons on their person while in their classrooms or hit wall mounted panic buttons. Multiple Flair Annunciators positioned in key locations such as the administration and security offices will pick up signals and illuminate an LED to indicate on a map or list of locations where the danger is. The Flair Annunciator can also trigger sirens, hallway lights and call outside services to alert others. Larger systems can be custom built per project.

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Trilogy DL3200 Lock with remote lockdown

Product From Alarm Lock Systems, A Napco Security Group Company

Alarm Lock’s Trilogy® Access Locks are ideal in case of emergencies, as these advanced wireless locks, can provide schools, hospitals, and business campuses immediate lockdown by pressing a button on a pocket-sized remote

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Honeywell's iGSMCFP4G Commercial Fire Communications Radio

Product From Honeywell International Inc.

MELVILLE, N.Y., July 8, 2014 – Honeywell today introduced a new commercial fire radio that meets NFPA72 2013 requirements for sixty minute supervision and can function as the sole path of alarm signal transport. By installing the new radio, the iGSMCFP4G, in place of costly POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) lines, security professionals have a new stream of recurring monthly revenue (RMR). End users also benefit from the eliminated expense of dedicated phone lines.

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