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SECUR, the strongest fence system from Omega II, is made to resist the onslaught of motivated trespassers. The fance’s panel sturdiness comes from heavy gauge wire (2 x 0-GA-horizontal and 1 x 4-GA-vertical) welded at each intersection. The panels, with 2x8-inch openings, are mounted on square posts with heavy-duty brackets and retaining plate with tamper proof nuts/bolts. The panels are hot dipped galvanized then polyester powder coated.

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Gallagher's K20 Tensioner Link System and Z10 Tensioner Sensor System

Product From Gallagher

Gallagher has introduced the K20 Tensioner Link System, a perimeter fence hardware solution which offers both improved performance and aesthetics. The product has been developed to enable faster and increasingly consistent installation of the system while providing enhanced security and easier maintenance and trouble-shooting.

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Ameristar perimeter security products -- bollards

Product From Ameristar Fence Products

Ameristar's Defender anti-ram security bollards combine an open, esthetic appearance with the highest level of perimeter control.


  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Ideal for securing large perimeter entrances
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Perimeter intrusion detection line from Senstar

Product From Senstar Inc.

Senstar will showcase part of its largest perimeter intrusion detection portfolio at ISC West booth 13133, focusing on commercial/industrial, criminal justice and critical infrastructure facilities. The products being presented by the company include OmniTrax buried cable sensor, FiberLR long range fiber optic sensor, FlexPS fence mounted sensor, and FlexPI indoor sensor. In addition to PIDS sensors, Senstar will be highlighting its line of man-down personal duress and alarm systems - Flash and Flare.

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Sensing Edges - Door and Gate Guards

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures sensing edges for automatic door and gate guarding security. In addition to standard product in the TS line sensing edges offered in different sensitivities, actutation forces, front and side actuation models, and curvable models, we custom manufacture to length and color.

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Product From Smarter Security Systems, Ltd

SmarterFence from Smarter Security Systems is a fiber optic security fence that intelligently detects and warns of intruders while minimizing nuisance alarms. The fence employs a continuously monitored and intrinsically safe fiber optic sensor cable that is sensitive to a wide range of vibrations, flexing, compression and cutting. The motion detector relies on the transmission of laser light as its communication medium so it does not radiate signals nor is it susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The system provides cost-effective protection for zones up to 3,000 linear feet in length, and it can be combined with other outdoor security measures to maximize protection.

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High Security Fence Systems

Product From Ameristar Fence Products

Ameristar’s high security fence systems combine deter, detect and delay elements into a single-source solution, uniting each component to form the industry’s only integrated perimeter security platform. With the capability of housing multiple security devices, Ameristar’s Perimeter Security Platform (PSP) eliminates “patchwork” systems and allows multiple technologies to be integrated into one holistic system. Think of the PSP as the structural foundation or backbone of your facility’s site security plan. By taking security “out to the curb,” PSP not only creates a formidable first line of defense for your facility, but its single-source design is perfect for coordinating and implementing access control, intrusion detection, security lighting and video surveillance equipment.

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Guardian Fence System

Product From Payne Fence Products

The Guardian Fence System from Payne Fence Products features high-security electronic components, such as tamper detection and surveillance cabling, and can be fully integrated into the fence barrier. Because of the system's modular design, existing fences, such as chain link fences, can be easily retrofitted without removing existing posts. Constructed of rigid metal mesh materials, the system is also capable of incorporating restrictive components such as barbed tape concertina and cable-based anti-crash elements.

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Harmony Fence System

Product From Omega II Fence Systems

Omega II Fence Systems has introduced Harmony, a newly designed fence system. The fence's curvaceous form gives an appealing touch to your landscape without sacrificing safety or security. Panels are made from high-strength welded steel wires, 4 Ga horizontal and 6 Ga vertical, with reinforcing bends and mesh openings of 1.75x7.75 inches. It is available in 4- and 6-foot heights and available in black (standard color) as well as many other colors on request.

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FP1400 Zone-based Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS)

Product From Optellios, Inc

Newtown, PA – [February 21, 2014] – Optellios, Inc., an American owned, U.S. based developer and leading manufacturer of advanced fiber-optic sensing and security systems, is pleased to announce the release of the FP1400 to the highly acclaimed FiberPatrol family of Optellios products.

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FD525-HALO Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

Product From Fiber Sensys, Inc.

Fiber SenSys is pleased to announce the release of the FD525-HALO™ Perimeter Intrusion Detection System. This easy to use and install, cost-effective perimeter security solution economically addresses sites larger than 500 meters. Each

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