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AMAG Technology's Symmetry Visualizer Encoder

Torrance, CA, March 26, 2012 – AMAG Technology, a security management solution provider that offers converged access control, IP video and intrusion management (IDS), introduces the new Symmetry Visualizer Encoder family to its Symmetry Product Portfolio. When used with AMAG's Symmetry Video Management software, the encoders deliver a high performance, seamless video solution for use with analog or IP cameras. The Symmetry Visualizer Encoder enables end users to preserve their camera investment while upgrading to new technologies and capabilities.

The Visualizer Encoder utilizes H.264 compression to provide optimum file reduction of up to 80 percent for maximum video storage. In addition to motion detection functionality, video content analysis is available on all models, bringing security management systems to the next level. Analysis features include:

• Intruder and perimeter detection tracks up to 100 moving and stationary targets to generate real time alerts on objects present in up to 40 overlapping detection zones.

• Camera tamper detection generates a tamper alarm if the camera is covered or if the camera is moved or otherwise adjusted to affect the camera view.

• Entry/exit monitors if a person or object enters or leaves an area.

• Appear/disappear generates an alarm if an object or person instantly appears or disappears in the camera view.

• Dwell tracks if an object has remained in one place too long.

• Direction generates an alarm if someone is going the wrong direction.

• Abandoned/removed object tracks if an object is left behind or if an object has been removed from an area.

• Counting function generates an alarm only if more than the assigned number of detection events occur, such as when a specified number of people enter an area.

The Symmetry Visualizer Encoder series is modular, allowing customers to grow as needed. One encoder blade or card can monitor up to four cameras. Encoder racks are available in 1U and 4U sizes with up to 40 channels per rack. The family also includes a compact 4 channel standalone encoder.

"This platform was developed to both allow our existing customers to seamlessly upgrade from their current platform, as well as allow new customers to deploy a powerful encoder technology with video analytics," said AMAG Technology, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Matt Barnette. "With our new analytics enabled, users can detect defined behaviors quickly and respond to alerts from

AMAG's Symmetry Video management software, creating a more easily managed, safer environment."

Symmetry Visualizer Encoder key features include:

• One encoder blade monitors up to four cameras

• Hot-swappable encoder blades, fan unit and power supplies

• H.264 encoding

• Integrates with Symmetry Video Management

• Serial communication for PTZ control

• Four inputs plus a differing number of outputs (depending on encoder model)

• Motion detection

• DSP-based Deinterlacing

The encoders require Symmetry Security Management Software v6.2 SP4 with the Symmetry Visualizer plug-in to operate.

For more information about AMAG Technology's new Symmetry Visualizer Encoder Series or Symmetry Product Portfolio, visit or contact Customer Service at 800-889-9138 or your Regional Sales Manager.