BVS' PocketHound Cellphone Detector

BVS' PocketHound Cellphone Detector

BVS' PocketHound Cellphone Detector Product Image

New York, NY, April 17, 2012 – Security expert and Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) CEO Scott Schober wants kids to do well in school - and that means not taking the easy way out and cheating to make good grades. Mounting technological breakthroughs and the ease with which young people adapt to its use were part of the inspiration that led to the PocketHound, an unobtrusive hand-held device for detecting unauthorized cell phone use in the classroom.

“Students are tempted during exam time to do a quick search on Google for the answer that slipped their mind,” Schober says. “There is also a temptation to text their buddy sitting across the room asking for some assistance. Many students are so proficient at texting they don't need to look at the keyboard for more than a millisecond. They hide their mobile phone under their desk, between their legs, or in their pocket, making it all the more challenging to catch the culprit.” Cheating on everything from government exams to high school quizzes is becoming prevalent around the world as cell phone subscriptions soar.

The PocketHound slips easily into a pocket or lies concealed in the palm, vibrating when unauthorized cell phone use is detected. It also has a row of blue LED lights that flash at the same time. An integrated multiband antenna is hidden under the label; the internal rechargeable Li-ION battery has a run time of up to 2 hours. The receiver continually scans all cell phone bands and utilizes a sophisticated algorithm constantly sampling the Radio Frequency (RF) noise floor to distinguish real cellular activity vs. ambient RF noise.

Scott N. Schober is President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS), a 39-year-old New Jersey-based company and leading provider of advanced wireless solutions and products for multi-national telecommunications and security markets.

As an experienced software engineer, Schober has developed cellular test instruments used for measuring, optimizing and plotting signal coverage, primarily for the initial cellular build-out throughout the United States. Schober's recent focus has been development of BVS' cell phone detection tools, used to enforce a 'no cell phone policy' in various venues. These tools are effectively used around the globe to find contraband cell phones smuggled into correctional facilities as well as secure federal facilities and schools.

Schober is a highly sought after security expert for media appearances and commentary. Recent media appearances include Fox Business Channel, Fox News Live and News 12 New Jersey, as well as several radio programs including XM/Sirius radio. He has presented as a subject expert on the topic of cyber security and corporate espionage, as well as cell phone detection and location, at numerous conferences and trade shows around the world.

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Microsemi's AllClear Handheld Screener

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CMS Alarm System with surveillance alarm and DVR

The system consist of master control panel, expansion zones module, real time module, network module, print module, relay output module,  Isolation module, Video trigger module, programming keypad etc. 

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ELSAG North America, manufacturer of the highly advanced Mobile Plate Hunter-900(R) (MPH-900(R)) and Fixed Plate Hunter-900(R) (FPH-900(R)) automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) systems, will exhibit industry-leading advancements to its technology at the International Security Conference West (ISC West) in Las Vegas, April 9 - 13, Booth #23073.

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New key features for the SABRE 5000

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