Clear-Com’s CC-300 and CC-400 Headsets

Clear-Com’s CC-300 and CC-400 Headsets

Clear-Com’s CC-300 and CC-400 Headsets Product Image

ALAMEDA, CA, MAY 9, 2012 - Clear-Com, a global leader in critical voice communication systems, introduces the latest additions to its line of professional headsets, the CC-300 and CC-400. The CC-300 and CC-400 offer extra comfort, better performance and more flexibility for long hours of use in military, aerospace and government applications. These headsets are compatible with Clear-Com’s wide range of wired and wireless intercom communication systems.

Personalized for Comfortable Fit

Wearing headsets day in and day out while communicating over the intercom can easily and quickly exhaust operators. The new Clear-Com CC-300 single-ear headset and CC-400 double-ear headset were designed to reduce fatigue and accommodate individual preferences by offering a clear and comfortable audio experience.

The CC-300 and CC-400 headsets’ microphone booms can be rotated 300 degrees, allowing the microphone to be worn on the right or left side of the head. Users can also make the headsets larger or smaller by using the slide adjustments on either side of the headband. In addition, the enclosed headphones have comfortable padding and a slight rotation to provide a better fit for users.

Balanced for High Performance

The CC-300 and CC-400 headsets are equipped with hyper-cardioid dynamic microphones and high ambient noise attenuation circumaural headphones that deliver balanced audio performance to the user. The acoustic isolation capability significantly reduces external background noise and with a clear audio profile, including up to 20 kHz frequency response, the new headsets are made for professionals who require high quality sound. Better audio results in faster and more accurate communications with less operator fatigue.

Flexibility for Operational Convenience

The CC-300 and CC-400 headset microphones can be turned on and off by moving the microphone boom. Raising the boom to forehead level mutes the mic and lowering it un-mutes it, allowing a side conversation without having to access the intercom panel controls.

Interchangeable cabling is another major benefit of the CC-300 and CC-400 headsets. Both headsets come with a standard four-pin female connector, but users can easily change the cable and connector at the base of the headset by using a Phillips screwdriver in order to accommodate different connector types. The same process can be used to repair and replace a damaged cable in the field.

“Professional users need a headset that they can slip on and immediately feel the difference in fit and performance,” says Stephen Sandford, Product Manager, Clear-Com. “The Clear-Com CC-300 and CC-400 deliver by providing long-lasting comfort and high-quality audio, and can be used in conjunction with virtually all of our intercom solutions.”

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Central Works Pro

Product From Alarmsoft

AlarmSoft announced the launch of Central Works PRO. For decades AlarmSoft has paved the way with new technologies and applications for the security industry. The latest software platform integrates the features and functionality of the popular Central Works 2000 software platform into a new GUI interface. Central Works PRO offers the ingenuity and flexibility expected from a top notch software provider. Easy to use drop down boxes, scroll bars and menus make managing subscriber account information a breeze.

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Telguard TG-KIT

Product From Telguard, a division of Telular Corporation

Telguard, a division of Telular Corporation released the TG-KIT. The TG-KIT is used to upgrade all 2G (GSM and GPRS) Telguard TG-7 series communicators to 3G/4G solutions. With the kit, 2G versions of the TG-7, TG-7A, TG-7F, TG-7FM, TG-7FS and TG-7S can be easily upgraded without having to remove the existing enclosure, antenna or power supply. Telguard’s TG-KIT, the industry’s first 3G/4G upgrade kit, makes the conversion simple and extremely affordable. In a matter of minutes, an installer simply replaces the 2G circuit board with a new one for 3G/4G networks without disturbing the site’s UL certifications. The Telguard upgrade kit is eligible for Telguard’s Upgrade Incentive Program. Every time a Telguard 2G unit is upgraded with the TG-KIT, a dealer can receive up to $25.

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NVision’s TeamPlatform Project Portal

Product From NVision, Inc.

(April 2012;Coppell,TX) – NVision, Inc., a leader in 3D non-contact optical scanning for over 21 years, announced that it has launched a new project portal for its clients. The new portal, which utilizes TeamPlatform, provides NVision’s clients with full, speedy access to customized data exchange Web pages related to their projects. 

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Matrix Fire & Tech Service

Product From Dice Corp.

Tech Service streamlines the service work process by allowing technicians to access detailed procedures for completing tickets via Matrix's web interface. There is also a flow pertaining to fire inspection forms.

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OpenCORE Platform

Product From Dice Corp.

The large-scale enterprise automation software by DICE complete with top notch efficiency and security. Offering fully-integrated software suites for alarm monitoring, accounting, service and sales.

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Product From Intergraph

I/CAD computer aided-dispatch software ensures your operators have the tools they need to field calls, enter and update incident details, and efficiently manage an organization's critical resources by interacting in real-time with live incident data. Our geospatially powered software seamlessly integrates an interactive, real-time map display with call handing, dispatch, records and information management, remote access, and mobile data to ensure you have accurate information to make intelligent decisions when seconds count.

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EGR Series rack enclosures

Product From Middle Atlantic Products

The new EGR Series rack enclosures from Middle Atlantic Products have been designed to achieve a high level of equipment mounting versatility. The racks feature “V-system” Pre-drilled Sides with laser knockout mounting holes on a 5 ¼-inch grid. This eliminates field drilling to mount small components by allowing the integrator to simply knock out any of the precut holes and use the company’s special stud to provide a mounting point. New brackets designed for the V-System can be used to provide mounting points for large and small equipment, cable tie points and power strip mounting, even rear rack-rail in full height or partial height sections.

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emergency reponse medical alarm console

Product From Acadian Medical Alert, Inc.

The Emergency Response Medical Alarm Console from Acadian Medical Alert Systems does not require a connection to your existing phone line. When activated, the console will take control of the telephone line and dial the programmed number of the medical alarm monitoring center.

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Product From medical alarm concepts holding, inc

The MediMonitoringTM solution, a conjoined product offering from Medical Alarm Concepts Holding, Inc., Micro Key Solutions and Sur-Gard, provides an integrated software and hardware package that enables healthcare providers to provide their own monitoring services to their patients or at-home clients. The application also allows for direct rapid notification through email and SMS.

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Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

Product From Guardian Medical Monitoring

The Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) from Guardian Medical Monitoring offers an immediate response in the first critical moments of an emergency with hands-free two-way communications. It features: visual and audible alarm indicators; recordable reminder messages; and a lightweight, waterproof button on the pendant or wristband.

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