Gamewell-FCI's VLC-400 Aspirating Detector

Gamewell-FCI's VLC-400 Aspirating Detector

Gamewell-FCI's VLC-400 Aspirating Detector Product Image

NORTHFORD, Conn., May 31, 2012 - Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell introduces the VLC-400 Aspirating Detector to immediately sense and verify the slightest traces of smoke and speed response to save lives and property, particularly within high-value and high-security facilities and in challenging environments. As many as 126 addressable VLC-400 detectors, made by Xtralis, can connect directly to the signaling line circuit (SLC) of Gamewell-FCI's E3 Series fire alarm and emergency communications systems, eliminating the common use of high-cost, standalone aspirating systems.

Designed for small- to medium-size areas where traditional detectors fail to quickly and accurately sense smoke, the VLC-400's advanced air sampling technology is ideal for high airflow spaces, atriums, ducts, tunnels, freezers and other challenging smoke detection environments. This aspiration technology also provides the very early smoke warning essential to occupant safety within hospitals, nursing homes and prisons, while protecting the high-value assets of server rooms, museums and historical landmarks.

The VLC-400 detector is UL-Listed and compatible with Gamewell-FCI's E3 Series systems right out of the box, no special modules or programming are required. The ability of this aspirating detector to integrate with an E3 Series system, the same as an addressable detector would, can save as much as 80% in material and labor costs as opposed to a standalone system.

"The key thing in using an intelligent aspiration detector is you're eliminating the cost and labor of installing multiple modules to monitor each conventional version of aspiration detectors." says Brian Carlson, Gamewell-FCI product specialist. "By connecting the aspiration detector directly to the SLC loop, the installer saves about $300 in materials and $500 to $1,000 in labor costs per detector."

For facilities requiring new fire alarm systems with aspiration detection, the material and labor cost-savings can be huge. As for the thousands of E3 Series systems already in the field, the simplicity of adding aspiration detection can reap more significant economic benefits.

A unique dual stage filter within each VLC-400 keeps internal optical surfaces clean, eliminating the need for drift compensation - a standard feature of most detectors which automatically alters device sensitivity levels to compensate for the common build-up of dust and other particulates. With five different sensitivity modes and a smoke threshold auto-programming feature, the VLC-400 detector can monitor air conditions for up to 15 days to ensure each detector's sensitivity settings match the needs of its location. Customization of each detector to its environment enhances the speed of response and greatly minimizes the risk of false alarms.

Gamewell-FCI's network of Engineered Systems Distributors throughout the U.S. are experienced in the design, installation, maintenance and testing of fire alarm and emergency communications systems with advanced detection technologies to fit virtually any facility. 

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ELK-6050 Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector

Product From Elk Products Inc

HILDEBRAN, NC – ELK Products, a premier manufacturer of security and automation solutions, is pleased to announce the ELK-6050 Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector will be available and on display at ISC West Booth #7033.

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Elk Products' ELK-6050 Wireless Smoke Detector

Product From Elk Products Inc

HILDEBRAN, NC – ELK Products, a premier manufacturer of security and automation solutions, is pleased to announce the ELK-6050 Two-Way Wireless Smoke Detector will be available and on display at ISC West on April 1st, 2014 in Booth #7033.

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Silent Knight’s SK-FIRE-CO Detector

Product From Silent Knight

NORTHFORD, Conn., Nov. 20, 2013 - Silent Knight by Honeywell today introduced a single detector that senses both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) and greatly reduces nuisance alarms. The SK-FIRE-CO Detector minimizes parts and labor, equaling big cost reductions. It is also the only non-proprietary, addressable detector of its kind to be made readily available through Security Equipment Distributors nationwide, which ensures competitive pricing and readily available parts.

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DDA Analog Addressable Duct Detector

Product From Potter Electric Signal Company

St. Louis, MO-- Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC of St. Louis, Missouri USA, announces the release of the DDA Analog Addressable Duct Detector.  This device provides early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in commercial, industrial and residential applications. The

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Gamewell-FCI's 4-Warn/CO Detector

Product From Gamewell-FCI

NORTHFORD, Conn., November 8, 2013 - Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell recently introduced the 4-Warn/CO detector to meet new code requirements and reduce material and labor costs by combining both fire and carbon monoxide (CO) detection into one device. Working with a number of New York City hotels, local Gamewell-FCI Distributor, Signature Building Systems, continues to utilize the 4-Warn/CO detector (part# MCS-COF) to ensure these facilities meet new requirements for commercial sleeping establishments.

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Notifier's Intelligent FAAST Detector

Product From Notifier

NORTHFORD, Conn., October 31, 2013 – NOTIFIER by Honeywell introduces a new intelligent version of its FAAST (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) detector, made to provide very early warning of smoke for high-value and critical facilities, as well as within extremely challenging applications. The intelligent

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C-TEC's ActiV Smoke and Heat Detectors

Product From C-TEC

C-TEC has launched its own range of conventional smoke and heat detectors.

Branded 'ActiV', the detectors have been third-party certified to the relevant parts of EN54 parts 5, 7 and pr29 by leading notified approval body, Intertek, and are available to purchase today.

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Valor Fire Safety's ESP Advanced Smoke Detection

Product From Valor Fire Safety

Londonderry, NH - Valor Fire Safety, LLC will introduce its External Sampling Photoelectric (ESP) Advanced Smoke Detection on June 10th -12th at the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Conference & Expo in Chicago. ESP Advanced Detection eliminates the smoke entry lag time associated with conventional ionization and photoelectric smoke detectors by directly measuring the ambient smoke concentration outside the detector. The technology delivers faster and more reliable detection in residential and commercial buildings.

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Steel Web Stopper

Product From STI

This UL-listed protector from Safety Technology International, STI-9601, is recommended for areas where abuse to smoke detectors is severe. The Stopper is constructed of nine-gauge steel wire with corrosion resistant polyester coating, making it extremely difficult to break. Fast and easy to install, it is available in flush or surface mount with multiple sizes to cover virtually every smoke detector available. It can be used with a variety of low profile, high profile and large array of other smoke detectors.

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GN-503FF smoke and carbon monoxide detector

Product From Gentex Corporation

Gentex Corporation (ISC-West 2013 Booth # 10079) has released a combination photoelectric smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarm with two (2) sets of Form A/Form C relay contacts activating independently for smoke and CO events. The GN-503FF utilizes photoelectric and electrochemical sensing technology performance wherever smoke and CO detection is required. The GN-503FF is a 120VAC hard wired alarm with 9VDC battery back-up, includes tandem interconnect capabilities, differentiating signals for each alarm type annunciation, quick disconnect wire harness, low or missing battery indicator, and push button self and functionality test.

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