Bold Technologies' BoldSOS Mobile App

Bold Technologies' BoldSOS Mobile App

Bold Technologies' BoldSOS Mobile App Product Image

Think of it as a mobile alarm system. Alarm systems used to be fixed within a specific location. Not anymore. Bold Technologies has taken mobile apps to a whole new level with BoldSOS, a mobile solution that provides lifesaving communications technology and new features that allows users to get help from just about all locations around the globe.

No matter the emergency, BoldSOS instantaneously triggers an emergency response call conveying the exact location and other critical information to monitoring operations and control centers.

End users, both residential and commercial will always be protected and only a touch away from emergency services with a multitude of lifesaving  features that includes  Accident and Impact Management, Airbag Deployment Monitoring, Vehicle on-board Diagnostics (OBD), High Crime Area Alerts, International and National SOS, Team and Individual GPS Tracking, Cyber Alert Notification Management, Personal Location Notification, Homeland and Travel Status Notification, Traffic Alerts, Auto Assistance, Weather Alerts, and an Extensive Online Tracking Management Portal that will allow geo-fencing, trip reporting, speed reporting, incident tracking and reporting. 

For instance, the BoldSOS application monitors whether there has been an accident or not through impact monitoring and Airbag Deployment through on-board diagnostics (OBD). In the case of an accident, the application automatically reaches out to the respective monitoring operation, providing detailed information specific to the event and location. No need to even press a button.

In an emergency, BoldSOS not only provides a shortcut feature but also the option for the emergency call to go out in a stealth mode with just a single push of a button. There is no more scrambling to dial, or need to give detailed information on your location. BoldSOS will also reach out to an unlimited number of contacts setup to be contacted in the event of an emergency with location and a message.

BoldSOS is also a GPS tracking solution that logs all details including type of incident, GPS co-ordinates, speed, time, start and stop times, locations, maximum speed and distance covered. Speed and Incident Alerts provides when, where and how often drivers have exceeded the speed limit. A geo-fencing feature provides going in or going out alerts. The BoldSOS GPS tracking solution also provides a complete history of all tracking sessions recorded over time.

BoldSOS is the product of the partnership between Bold Technologies and My911.  By partnering with My911, Bold Technologies will be able to put its own fingerprint on the software and take advantage of the company’s relationships within the security industry. The new product opens up huge opportunities for monitoring operations using Manitou and their dealers by bringing in new services and revenues outside of the current alarm monitoring sphere. For security directors, it means providing additional protection for their companies. For consumers, it means combining the security they have at home or work with the technology that they already have at their fingertips no matter where they are.

Larry Hurwitz, the CEO of My911, Inc. stated “We would be hard pressed to find a better complement to our corporate mission, which is to provide worldwide pre and post GPS enabled services. Our relationship with Bold Technologies truly confirms My911’s position and ability of being a pre and post emergency delivery platform, and not just an application!”

“We feel this is a great enhancement to add to our existing product line”, commented Rod Coles, CEO Bold Technologies Ltd. “My911 has been very reactive to our needs and we feel they will be a great partner to work with going forward, we are all very excited about the prospects for this new product within our industry.”

The BoldSOS platform is hardware agnostic supporting almost all smart phones including BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone as well as a large percentage of non-smartphones. However, to take advantage of the features, the central station must be using Manitou.

BoldSOS will be debuted at the ESX show in Nashville, Tenn. on June 25-29, 2012.

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