MASmobile app

MASmobile app

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Name of app: MASmobile

Authoring company: MAS, a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security


Description of functionality: MASmobile is intended for use by the MASterMind Community only. It is supported in MASterMind 6.26+ environments with MASmobile Services 1.6 or later. Users may use MASmobile to view and manage monitored systems within their business.Various features include Systems Details, System Test, Event History,Test History, Zones and Contacts.


Platforms supported: iPhone, iPad, Android


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Virtual Keypad app from DMP

Product From Digital Monitoring Products Inc. (DMP)

Name of app: Virtual Keypad

Authoring company: Digital Monitoring Products


Description of functionality: Control your DMP security system virtually anywhere. You can connect to your home or small business system and view status, arm or disarm or control lights, locks or thermostats with the simple touch of a button. Even view & record video from up to 6 cameras.

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Next Level's Gateway app

Product From Next Level Security Systems

Name of app: NextLevel

Authoring company: Next Level Security Systems

Description of functionality: The Next Level Gateway is a unified security solution that combines video management, video analytics, and access control into a single, easy-to-use networked platform. It is accessible and controllable from anywhere and includes advanced deployment tools such as auto-discovery and provisioning. The Next Level Mobile Application communicates with the Next Level Gateway to remotely monitor live video from cameras. When connecting to the Next Level Gateway via the the Next Level Remote Management Service (RMS) portal, the mobile app also allows playback of recorded video from the Gateway and the ability to unlock doors remotely.

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Genetec’s Security Center Mobile app

Product From Genetec

Name of app: Security Center Mobile

Authoring company: Genetec

Description of functionality: Access real-time information when emergencies come up or manage your video, access control, and LPR systems on the go. View up to six concurrent video feeds on an Apple iPad. Save video snapshots into your device’s photo library. View video tied to alarms and doors from anywhere. Use multi-touch swipes and pinches on devices to access information fast. This powerful app is also simple to deploy and maintain, and supports thousands of devices, users and cameras for ultimate flexibility.

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Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0

Product From Honeywell Security Group

Name of app: Total Connect 2.0

Authoring company: Honeywell Security Products

Description of functionality: Honeywell's Total Connect 2.0 app provides lifestyle enhancing functionality for today's home and business owner – combining remote control security functions with the ability to view live, streaming video, record and store video clips, take snapshots or have video alerts e-mailed upon on an event. Using Total Connect’s multisite feature, users can control up to 100 sites and manage user codes remotely. Total Connect can also interact with devices that communicate via the Z-Wave protocol, providing users with a solution for automation and energy savings in one with its ability to control thermostats, lighting and locks.

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PPM 2000's Perspective Mobile

Product From PPM 2000 Inc

Name of appPerspective Mobile

Authoring company: PPM 2000 Inc.

Description of functionality: Empower your mobile officers, managers and investigators by bringing Perspective, PPM 2000’s incident management software, out of the office and into the field. With Perspective Mobile, users can easily enter new incidents, add information (including narratives, photos and other details) to existing records and search across their Perspective system, all in real-time via their mobile devices.

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Micro Key Solutions ExecKEY and Tech Pro Apps

Product From Micro Key Solutions, Inc.

Want to access your company's financial data on the go? There’s an app for that. Receive and manage service tickets from your smartphone? There’s an app for that, too.

Micro Key Solutions has recently launched two mobile apps to put your company's monetary numbers and service tracking at your fingertips. From any mobile phone or tablet connected to the internet you can instantly tap into your financial dashboard, and allow your alarm technicians and installers to receive and manage their service tickets anytime, anywhere.

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Ocularis Mobile

Product From On-Net Surveillance Systems (OnSSI)

Ocularis Mobile, utilizing OnSSI's High Definition Interactive Streaming (HDIS) technology, delivers full-motion playback of up to 16 HD megapixel cameras at full resolution and at each camera’s original frame-rate (up to 30 fps), over low bandwith connections. With full control over each camera for playback and digital zooming, this breakthrough solution enables you to remotely view live and recorded surveillance video from an iPad, iPhone or Android device to improve response times to incidents from any location. Ocularis Mobile puts you in control of your entire camera array – HD, megapixel or standard definition – simultaneously, live or playback, with no reduction in image quality or frame-rate.

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Monitronics eContract app

Product From Monitronics International

Feb. 10, 2014 (DALLAS) — Monitronics is expanding “eContract” in 2014, increasing the scope of its exclusive electronic contract application that eliminates the traditional hard-copy paperwork for a new customer contract.

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iOS App for Honeywell Total Connect 2.0

Product From Honeywell International Inc.

MELVILLE, N.Y., Feb. 12, 2014 – Honeywell today announced an update to the iOS App for Honeywell Total Connect 2.0 that simplifies set-up while bringing all of the power and capability of the Honeywell Total Connect website to Apple iPad and iPad mini devices. Providing the same user experience, features and functionality across Web and iPad applications extends the value and reach of Honeywell Total Connect, the award-winning solution that lets consumers use mobile devices to remotely control their security systems, lights, thermostats, locks, view cameras and receive important email and video notifications. 

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Infinias Mobile Credential

Product From Infinias LLC

Indianapolis, IN -- January 21, 2014 – infinias, an industry-leading provider of IP-based access control hardware and software, has launched the company’s new Mobile Credential. Mobile Credential extends the capabilities of an infinias access control solution to users’ smartphones—delivering enhanced security and convenient authorized access to designated doors at a facility.  

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