Broadway 3D from Artec ID

Broadway 3D from Artec ID

Broadway 3D from Artec ID Product Image

Philadelphia, Penn. – September 10, 2012 – Artec ID (, the 3D biometric division of Artec Group, Inc. and leading manufacturers of walk through identification systems, today unveiled the third generation of Broadway 3D, their newest 3D facial recognition biometric system. The Broadway system identifies up to 60 persons per minute using 3D facial recognition sensors, offering high-speed access and contactless technology.  It leads the way with better recognition accuracy, convenience-in-use, and high-speed spoof protection.  Artec ID is currently participating in the ASIS International exhibition (booth #4217).


“This newest generation of Broadway addresses the security needs of airports, transportation hubs, factories, business centers, etc.,” comments Sergey Sukhovey, Chief Marketing Officer at Artec Group.  “Broadway 3D can recognize differences up to a fraction of a millimeter.  It provides the highest level of security control even when subjects are passing quickly through checkpoints.”


The Artec ID’s Broadway 3D system kit comes with a 3D camera that captures still or video images, and proprietary software pre-installed on a 3D computing unit.  The technology’s combination of surface reconstruction algorithms and proprietary hardware enables accurate and real-time 3D scanning of objects with arbitrary topology. 


The benefits of the Broadway 3D system include:

- Contactless biometrics with no lasers

- Accurate recognition even when subject is in motion or wearing glasses

- Fast enrollment time – less than 2 sec

- Scans up to 60 people per minute

- Performs at high speeds even on big databases

- Reliable biometrics - 3D face

- Easily integrates with existing automated control systems (ACS) used for security

- Automated employee attendance record keeping

- No limit to image database size


For more information, please view the following installation and demonstration videos:

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Neurotechnology announces MegaMatcher product line

Product From Neurotechnology

VILNIUS, Lithuania, July 10, 2013 – Neurotechnology, a provider of high-precision biometric identification technologies, today announced new releases across their entire line of biometric Software Development Kits (SDK), including: MegaMatcher 4.5 multi-biometric SDK for large-scale applications, VeriFinger 6.7 for fingerprint identification, VeriLook 5.4 for facial identification, VeriEye 2.7 for iris identification and VeriSpeak 2.0 for voice identification. The company also announced the addition of facial biometrics to the new MegaMatcher Accelerator 6.0 multi-biometric all-in-one software and hardware solution. Now facial recognition can be used in any combination with fingerprint and iris biometrics for large-scale projects that require high-speed, high-volume identification capabilities.

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Multi-Biometric Enrollment Station (CBES)

Product From Cogent Systems

CBES is a multi-biometric enrollment station designed to facilitate the application enrollment process. With its built-in environmental light control mechanism and fully motorized height adjustability, the station captures high quality fingerprints via 3M Cogent's CS500e FBI-certified scanner, ICAO-compliant facial image, signature images, and demographic data from a passport. Designed for flexibilit, CBES offers various configurations to support the business challenges and operating needs of large scale document issuance programs such as biometric e-passport, driver license, identity card, gun permit, benefit entitlement card, and voter registration.

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Morpho 3D Face Reader

Product From Morpho

The Morpho 3D Face Reader provides lightning-speed, hands-free access to offices and restricted areas. By analyzing the three-dimensional structure of the user’s face, it achieves extremely accurate matching while ensuring high throughput. With Morpho 3D Face Reader™, access control is highly secure and as simple as a quick glance!

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FR100 Facial Biometric Reader

Product From Cansec Systems Ltd

The FR100 Facial Biometric Reader is Cansec's latest addition to its Zodiac product line. Available in 500 or 1400 user models, the unit replaces the need for standard access cards or PINs by identifying users in under 1 second using a completely touchless recognition process (combination of active iris detection and three dimensional facial imaging). The unit enrolls users with ease in under 60 seconds and is equipped with both USB and network data transfer capability. Used as a standalone or integrated with any access control system, the FR100 is ideal for applications such as hospitals, pharmacies, food production facilities, fitness centres, as well as high profile and high security areas. Combined with Cansec's new SmartLock Pro Plus, the unit is the ideal solution for authenticating people picking up children at schools or day care centers. 

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FaceVACS-VideoScan version 5.2

Product From Cognitec Systems Corp.

Dresden, May 26, 2014—Cognitec Systems has released Version 5.2 of FaceVACS-VideoScan, the premier technology for real-time face recognition in video streams and anonymous people analytics. The upgraded version includes Cognitec’s latest face recognition algorithm B8 and major system upgrades that respond to the growing number of use cases the technology can support.

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IntelliScan 750TVL high resolution cameras

Product From Gadspot

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CA – OCTOBER 8, 2012 – Gadspot, a premium provider of affordable video surveillance products, today announced the launch of the first-ever intelligent security cameras in North America. The IntelliScan 750TVL high resolution cameras feature state-of-the-art human facial recognition capabilities built directly into the cameras, doing away with the need for expensive facial recognition software.

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Product From Airborne Biometrics Group (ABG)

FaceFirst is Airborne Biometrics Group’s fully automated facial recognition platform which generates alerts whenever a face match above a user-defined probability is reached. At that point, customers are provided with user-defined alerting and notification to any device or workstation when a person of interest is detected by the system. Built as an algorithm-agnostic biometric platform, the system provides military-grade facial identification that communicates instantly with a vast central database, configured according to an end-user’s requirements.

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InSight Duo

Product From AOptix Technologies

Positioned to meet the high throughput requirements of border and aviation security while providing a superior user experience, the InSight Duo delivers effortless iris and face capture within seconds from a distance of 2 meters.

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Finger On the Fly

Product From Morpho

Morpho takes you a step beyond touch with Finger On the Fly, the world’s fastest contactless four finger scanner. Using advanced imaging technology, this innovation simultaneously captures four fingerprints from a single wave of the hand.

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ievo Custom Kit for Biometric Readers

Product From iEvo Ltd

NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, UK – 8 July, 2014 – The newly designed Custom Kit from ievo lets users incorporate a host of options alongside the standard ultimate and micro fingerprint readers including card reader integration, increased template capacity and Power over Ethernet (PoE) among others. This allows users to effectively create their very own bespoke biometric access control system to suit the needs of specific projects.

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