Alpha's AM (Acousto Magnetic) NanoGate

Alpha's AM (Acousto Magnetic) NanoGate

Alpha's AM (Acousto Magnetic) NanoGate Product Image

CHARLOTTE, NC, Sept. 28, 2012 – Alpha High Theft Solutions®, a division of Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP), today announced the launch of AM (Acousto Magnetic) NanoGate®, an affordable security solution that provides intra-store protection for large retail stores and full store protection for smaller retail boutiques using Alpha’s 3 Alarm® products. AM NanoGate joins the award-winning RF (Radio Frequency) version previously released.

NanoGate is a small gate that offers big protection against shoplifting. It is an innovative, flexible, small security antenna that can be easily installed in unprotected zones within a store where thieves can hide and attempt to remove security devices. NanoGate works exclusively with Alpha’s 3 Alarm technology, extending their reach and enhancing their value as a proven high-theft security solution.


NanoGate is simple to install – six screws and plug-n-play. With an aesthetically pleasing design, NanoGate requires no wires, no tuning and no service contract, and comes with a battery back-up option. NanoGate triggers Alpha’s 3 Alarm technology, preventing thieves from taking retailer’s high-risk merchandise into restrooms, emergency exits, elevators, fitting rooms, and any other zone retailer’s want to prevent their merchandise to go within the store.


The small, attractive NanoGate antennas also provide excellent security in retail boutiques and specialty stores by stopping high-theft merchandise from being stolen via their smaller store entrances and exits.


RF NanoGate recently won the “Best Retail Product” award in the economic efficiency category in Germany. According to Wolfgang Meltzner, store manager of A.T.I., which has installed RF NanoGate in its outlets, “When high-priced motor oils and tools began to disappear from our shelves, we decided to do something about it. We began using NanoGate together with matching 3-Alarm Alpha solutions. From the first day, we not only noticed the deterrent aspect, we also saw a decrease in shoplifting, which is what we hoped for.”


According to Larry Yeager, vice president and general manager for Alpha, “For large retailers looking to prevent specific products from being moved to unprotected zones within their stores, NanoGate is the perfect solution. It also provides a cost-effective means for smaller retailers to protect their high-risk merchandise. Beyond shrink benefits, retailers can also count on both RF and AM NanoGate to improve merchandise availability. This in turn leads to increased sales and higher levels of customer satisfaction at the moment of truth.”


AM NanoGate is available immediately.



About Alpha (
Locally, nationally, globally; ALPHA (a division of Checkpoint Systems) leads the way to the most innovative and technically advanced solutions engineered to protect retailers’ high-theft merchandise. For three decades and counting, every ALPHA product is designed with uncompromising security; ease-of-use; and the ability to deliver outstanding merchandising capabilities to help retailers reduce theft and increase sales. For more information on ALPHA solutions to high-theft challenges, visit, or call Diane Wise direct at 704.206.7849 x323.


About Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (
Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions. Checkpoint enables retailers and their suppliers to reduce shrink, improve shelf availability and leverage real-time data to achieve operational excellence. Checkpoint solutions are built upon 40 years of RF technology expertise, diverse shrink management offerings, a broad portfolio of apparel labeling solutions, market-leading RFID applications, innovative high-theft solutions and its Web-based Check-Net data management platform. As a result, Checkpoint customers enjoy increased sales and profits by improving supply-chain efficiencies, by facilitating on-demand label printing and by providing a secure open-merchandising environment enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. Listed on the NYSE (NYSE: CKP), Checkpoint operates in every major geographic market and employs 5,600 people worldwide.
Twitter: @checkpointsys

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