FastTrace 2X platform with IntrusionTrace service from Xtralis

FastTrace 2X platform with IntrusionTrace service from Xtralis

FastTrace 2X platform with IntrusionTrace service from Xtralis Product Image

(Hemel-Hempstead, UK - Monday, 24 September 2012) Xtralis®, the world’s leading provider of early detection and visual verification safety and security solutions, today released a trio of products including the ADPRO FastTrace 2X, the first hybrid multi-service security platform capable of rapid and easy deployment of new services on all 16 channels; IntrusionTrace, a downloadable intrusion detection analytic for the FastTrace 2/2X; and, IntrusionTrace PLUS, a unique security bundle utilizing the full power of Xtralis intelligent passive infrared response (PIR) detectors in conjunction with IntrusionTrace to maximize detection rates while virtually eliminating false alarms. The solutions are designed specifically for Central & Remote Monitoring Stations (CMS/RMS) and security installers to address false alarms and rapidly deploy new services with field-programmability, as well as, a unique way to deliver new services to end customers without going to the customer site.


“These solutions will dramatically reduce or possibly eliminate false alarms in perimeter and intrusion detection applications, allowing operators at central stations to monitor more sites and provide far more effective response, saving money for central stations and their customers alike,” said Kim Loy, VP & General Manager of Remote Monitoring Solutions at Xtralis. “The FastTrace 2X is the world’s only muti-service security platform, and IntrusionTrace the first new service available. One box delivers audio & video transmission, recording, as well as embedded video analytics that can be remotely activated and configured with a few clicks of the mouse. For customers needing absolute protection, Xtralis intelligent PRO PIRs easily integrate to deliver the world’s best advanced double knock protection for perimeter defence. Xtralis is developing additional security applications for the FastTrace 2 and 2X that will meet the needs of central station customers everywhere,” she added.


Building on the proven reliability of award-winning FastTrace 2, the flexible and programmable FastTrace 2X is a true hybrid multi-service platform with 16 channels of IP and/or analogue cameras, with each channel having the same features and ease of use. Transmission is available over any network, and it comes with unmatched features like super-fast post-motion search, and embedded video content analytics, like IntrusionTrace, available on all 16 channels. A key feature available on the platform is field-programmability. With this capability, central monitoring stations and installers can quickly apply new security services like IntrusionTrace remotely, without ever traveling to the customer site.


IntrusionTrace is an embedded video analytic software application for the FastTrace 2/2X for primary detection in outdoor, sterile zone applications. Featuring better algorithms and performance than i-LIDS certified Xtralis Presidium, IntrusionTrace virtually eliminates false alarms, allowing operators to monitor more sites with greater accuracy. IntrusionTrace can be remotely configured and running in minutes without ever visiting the customer site. Subscription licenses are available and once a license is purchased, it can be easily and remotely moved to any FastTrace 2/2X platform.


The innovative IntrusionTrace PLUS bundle from Xtralis combines ADPRO PRO PIR detectors with IntrusionTrace in a unique advanced double-knock (dual sensor) approach to deliver the most reliable early detection and remote visual verification platform ever devised. The solution uses rich information from Xtralis intelligent PRO PIRs to optimize IntrusionTrace video analytics algorithmic parameters. This delivers near 100% threat detection while virtually eliminating false alarms, and performs smart remote visual verification, to provide customers ample time to respond to real threats.


“With Xtralis innovation and expertise, customers are not only getting the very best security technology available, but real economic value. With vastly enhanced detection and the fewest false alarms CMS operators can monitor more sites while delivering superior protection service to end-users. With the FastTrace 2X multi-service platform and field-programmability, CMS and installers will realize lower operating costs by deploying, configuring, tuning, and maintaining services remotely. Finally, new revenue opportunities are available through the remote download of services like IntrusionTrace and LoiterTrace, plus another application is already in testing and will available shortly,” added Loy.


Xtralis will be demonstrating the FastTrace 2X and IntrusionTrace at Security ESSEN 2012 September 25-28. Xtralis will exhibit in Hall 2, Stand 309, and will also show products from its entire safety and security portfolio, including ADPRO, HeiTel, Intelligent PRO PIR, VESDA, ICAM solution families.


To learn more about these the FastTrace 2X, IntrusionTrace, IntrusionTrace PLUS, and intelligent PRO PIRs please visit


About Xtralis

Xtralis™ is the leading global provider of powerful solutions for the early detection and visual of fire, gas and security threats. Our technologies prevent disasters by giving users time to respond before life, critical infrastructure or business continuity is compromised. We protect high-value and irreplaceable assets belonging to the world’s top governments and businesses. Our brands include VESDA® – the world’s No.1 very early warning aspirating smoke detection (ASD) systems; ICAM™ for flexible ASD; ECO™ – gas detection & environmental monitoring modules for VESDA & ICAM systems; OSID – easy to use smoke detection for open areas; ADPRO® –passive infrared sensors, perimeter, multi-site, and enterprise security; HeiTel – digital video remote monitoring; and, ASIM® – intelligent traffic detection. To learn more, please visit us at

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