IP power supply units (PSUs)

IP power supply units (PSUs)

IP power supply units (PSUs) Product Image

Bosch Security Systems, Inc. announces IP power supply units (PSUs) for the MIC Series 550 (pictured) and MIC Series 612 ruggedized pan-tilt-zoom cameras. The new PSUs feature an integrated IP video encoding system, transforming these MIC Series models into network surveillance cameras.


The MIC IP Power Supplies are designed with a complete IP system concept. A MIC Series 550 or MIC Series 612 camera, when connected to an IP Power Supply, streams IP video to the network and offers advanced system features, including edge recording, Intelligent Video Analysis for up to 10 preset positions, and more. They also provide the option for Ethernet fiber optic transmission.


With the new PSUs, customers can record video on SD or SDHC cards for up to 32 gigabytes of local storage or on network-attached RAID iSCSI storage devices. Built-in iSCSI support allows the MIC Series cameras with IP Power Supplies to act as conventional DVRs while streaming high-performance live video across the network. H.264 encoding provides high-resolution images at low bit rates, and dual-streaming allows viewing and recording at different quality levels to reduce bandwidth and storage requirements.


The power supplies enable the MIC Series cameras to be operated simultaneously over IP or analog via Bosch’s Bilinx communication technology over the coaxial video cable. Video can be viewed using a Web browser, Bosch Video Client software, the Bosch Video Management System, or with third-party software including ONVIF conformant platforms.


The PSUs also enable MIC Series cameras to operate using Intelligent Video Analysis and automatically alert customers to potential security risks. Each MIC Series camera with an IP Power Supply can be programmed to detect loitering, line crossing and other potential threats for up to 10 preposition scenes—providing reliable tracking, analysis and advanced search capabilities.


Designed for easy installation and durability, the PSUs include an IP67-rated enclosure and operate in temperatures ranging from -40 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit for standard models, and -40 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit for infrared illuminator capable models. Like the complete camera series, MIC IP Power Supplies are built to survive harsh environments and have a high tolerance for shock and vibration.


MIC IP Power Supplies come in a range of input voltages. They are ideal for MIC Series installations in city centers, at critical infrastructure sites and in transportation applications. 

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ET4500C PoE network switch

Product From Nitek International LLC

Nitek proudly announces the introduction of the ET4500C to the rapidly expanding family of Etherstretch IP over Coax transmission products. The ET4500C is a unique 4 port PoE network switch which integrates our Etherstretch technology allowing the IP data to transmit over coaxial cable up to 1,640 feet (500 Meters).

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Vi3026 26-port PoE network switch

Product From Vigitron Inc,

Vigitron is pleased to announce the release of Vi3026 the first high power managed 26-port PoE network switch designed specifically for IP camera CCTV systems. Its user interface is easy to use and offers innovative features to protect your network and keep it reliably operational.

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Pelco IP-Centric Video Accessories

Product From Pelco by Schneider Electric

CLOVIS, CALIF. – Sept. 18, 2013 – Schneider Electric today announced the launch of eight new families of Pelco IP video accessory products, building on its commitment to offer the widest and most complete selection of IP camera and IP video accessories in the industry. These video accessories are designed to operate in all environments and applications, and give customers the ability to specify complete, end-to-end solutions by removing all guesswork with tested, compatible, ready-to-install products.

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SentryPOWER CORE from Sentry View Systems

Product From Sentry View Systems

PHILADELPHIA, PA (September 10, 2012) - Sentry View Systems Inc. ("Sentry View") announces SentryPOWER CORE™ - an all-in-one solution for green, renewable energy to power complete edge based remote surveillance systems. With hybrid, multi-source power inputs, SentryPOWER CORE™ combines the benefits of solar, wind turbine, fuel cell, grid and generator to provide clean, renewable and reliable remote power for remote surveillance and critical infrastructure applications. With multiple battery charge controller inputs, and turnkey integrated communications it provides intelligent all-in-one access to remote surveillance or other sensor data. Not just a power source, SentryPOWER CORE™ includes a web interface for fluid peripheral system access and variety of communications options including secure SATCOM, wireless, IP, cellular and fiber.

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HubWayH16 Passive UTP Hub

Product From Altronix Corporation

HubWayH16 Passive UTP Hub transmits video, data and external power over a single CAT-5 cable. The economical 1U rack UTP solution accommodates up to 16 analog cameras. Each camera power input accepts both 24VAC/12VDC and allows pass through power over 3 pair for fixed cameras at longer distances. Lifetime warranty included.

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Combo PTZ, Power & coax BNC protection for CCTV

Product From AAA-Stormin Protection Products Inc

CCTV BNC C/V + PTZ & Power...very compact, and has all the protection a CCTV camera needs for PTZ, for power and for coax protection. Easy to mount inside or outside the building. There are two models available. With a Ground, and with out a Ground.

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BX-V010 single outlet Power Protector

Product From AAA-Stormin Protection Products Inc

If the voltage drops, current gets too high, or the voltage gets too high, it cuts off the power to your 40 watt transformer and prevents the thermal fuse from blowing out.

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Spike Block

Product From AAA-Stormin Protection Products Inc

Best used on Fire alarm panels, Gate/Access controls and CCTV equipment. This is a ground filter, UL listed and prevents a feed back loop or ground strikes that causes false alarms or case ground strikes that blow out the panel PC board.

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VPSU124x power supply units

Product From Vista

Suitable for internal or external use and supplied in a robust IP66 rated housing, Vista's VPSU124x range of PSUs are available as 8, 4 or single output units. Including individually fused outputs, the VPSU1241 supplies a single 4 amp output, whilst the VPSU1244 features 4 x 1 amp outputs, and the VPSU1248 supplies 8 x 0.5 amp outputs.

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NV-4PS10-PVD 4-Channel Power Supply Cable Integrator Hub

Product From Network Video Technologies Inc (NVT)

Supplies camera power and UTP video connectivity at distanceSelectable 24VAC-OFF-28VAC outputs, 1 amp out/chBuilt-in transient protectionUse with NVT PVDTM products

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