M13VG850IR telephoto Vari-Focal lens

M13VG850IR telephoto Vari-Focal lens

M13VG850IR telephoto Vari-Focal lens Product Image

January 21, 2013, Saitama, Japan - Tamron Co., Ltd. an integrated manufacturer of optical products and a leader in the security market, proudly announced today to release the development of Model M13VG850IR, a 1/2.7", 8-50mm, F/1.6 telephoto Vari-Focal lens compatible with 3 mega-pixels with high-image quality in the full visible and near-IR spectrums.


Development Concept


Imaging sensors have increased in pixel density following the need for higher quality images in the security market. Mega-pixel cameras are also being used more frequently for monitoring at night time. Tamron has released the Model M13VG850IR (1/2.7" 8-50mm, F/1.6), which covers frequently used focal ranges, as the telephoto type model of the Tamron mega-pixel NIR series. The model offers ultra-high resolutions of 3 mega-pixels, and can be used under near-IR light conditions without any degradation in performance. The new lens can be used in conjunction with the standard lens Model M13VM288IR / Model M13VG288IR released last year.


Main Features


1. High level of optical performance that offers 3 Mega-Pixel compatibility

- The use of an aspherical element, XLD (Extra Low Dispersion)* lens, and advanced optical design technology delivers high image quality that is compatible with 3 mega-pixel cameras, qualifies full HD 1080p.

- Accomplished F/1.6 (Wide) and F/2.0 (Tele)

* XLD lens (Extra Low Dispersion): Delivers even lower dispersion than existing LD (Low Dispersion) lens elements, using a special glass material with a low dispersion close to that of fluorite lenses. First time with Tamron CS lens, adopting such lens elements.


2. Delivers Mega-Pixel image quality, even under NIR lighting

- Existing lenses generally provide lower image quality under near-IR light conditions than under visible light conditions.

-Tamron believes that if using "Night Mode" results in lower image quality, there will not be much point in installing mega-pixel class cameras. This lens maintains 3 mega-pixel image quality from the visible to near-IR spectrums, which allows shooting video footage without the associated decrease in image quality when the camera is switched to "Night Mode".

-This lens heralds a new era for IR compatible mega-pixel lenses.


3. 8-50mm that covers standard telephoto ranges

- As for Mega-Pixel IR series at Tamron, this lens covers the most frequently used focal ranges, from 8mm to 50mm.


4. Wide image circle that is compatible with 1/2.8" and 1/2.7" format sensors

- 1/2.8"- and 1/2.7"-format compatibility means the lens can be installed in cameras with large sensor sizes.


5. Reduction in chromatic aberration for images with no color smear

- A design that minimizes chromatic aberration has been used to produce images with no color smear.

- The most advanced design analysis techniques have been used to prevent reflections occurring on the lens surface, which would affect image quality, with multiple-layer coating helping to produce crystal clear images with minimal lens flare and ghosting.


6. High-precision, high-quality structure designed to maximize performance

- The precision of each and every part and component has been raised, and the most advanced production technology available has been used. Structural design faults that lead to image degradation such as image displacement and one-sided blur have been eliminated.


7. Offers revolutionary mega-pixel quality while maintaining a compact size 

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