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Mobotix App

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NEW YORK— The newly available MOBOTIX App is a mobile video management solution for Apple iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch devices that improves everyday convenience and security. With this free-of-charge App, MOBOTIX users can access their video systems anytime from anywhere in the world and have mobile Internet access via WLAN (Wi-Fi) or UMTS/3G. Bandwidth-optimized remote access to live feeds and recordings, as well as an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand interface with a wide range of system functions make the MOBOTIX App an outstanding premium solution.

Thanks to the MOBOTIX decentralized system architecture for high-resolution IP video systems, data storage, alarms and recording take place directly inside the cameras. The networked cameras form a kind of data cloud that the App accesses to display the desired information in a user-friendly manner. This makes management and control of MOBOTIX cameras and the T24 IP Video Door Station easy and convenient. Thanks to the App's intuitive user interface, all cameras and recorded events can be viewed immediately at any time.

Bandwidth-Optimized Video Display

With the App, it is easy to establish an intercom connection with cameras that have microphones and loudspeakers. This works both for local networks and for remote access. The recordings from individual cameras and camera groups can be filtered by events or chronology, and played back via the integrated video player. If the MOBOTIX App is on the same local (WLAN) network as the video source, live feeds and recordings can normally be viewed in the App at full resolution. When the App is used on the road and the connection is too slow for high-resolution video, the requested live feeds and recordings can be compressed and scaled down inside the camera before being transmitted to the App. If an image area is zoomed in on, the camera transmits not the entire image but only the zoomed section to the App, at the most suitable resolution. This streaming method, which was specially developed by MOBOTIX, is the first that offers bandwidth-optimized compression of the data without compromising either important image details or a smooth frame rate.

Intelligent App Detects WLAN (Wi-Fi) Networks Automatically

The App automatically detects all cameras connected to the local network. Cameras that are outside of the local network can be connected via DynDNS. Once set up, the App remembers all the settings and automatically switches to the right configuration as soon as the iPhone/iPad joins a familiar WLAN network. For example, if the App detects the home WLAN network, transmission will proceed according to the settings configured for this network. Similarly, when the user changes location and uses the iOS device via WLAN in a place such as their office or vacation home, the access settings for this are switched automatically. Users thus have quick, convenient access from anywhere without having to re-enter the network data for a camera (local or remote address).

Easy Control And Management of T24 IP Video Door Station With Premium App

The App automatically provides mobile notifications when someone rings the doorbell, as well as offering options for two-way communication with the visitor and for remote door opening. Thanks to MOBOTIX hemispheric video technology, the entire entrance area of the IP Video Door Station can be viewed. The App's video player also plays back any new mailbox messages. The virtual PTZ function available in the App enables remote digital panning, tilting and zooming of the video systems — even in recordings and at a later time. Above-average image quality is given by a resolution of 3.1 megapixels.

Access Rights And Security

To avoid any unauthorized access to MOBOTIX video systems in the event of theft or loss, the device owner can set up a security PIN for accessing the App. Individual App functions can also be PIN-locked for persons that have access to the iOS device but should not have all user rights. For example, a user can be given access rights to view the camera's live feed but not to open the door. Thanks to integrated back-up and restoring of the App configuration, any accidentally changed or deleted settings can be retrieved quickly and easily. In addition, the built-in online help tool assists users to quickly learn how to use the App.

All MOBOTIX cameras with firmware or higher can make full use of all the App's functions. Firmware updates can be downloaded free of charge from the MOBOTIX website. The MOBOTIX App for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod is now available in German and English, with further language versions to follow.

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Napco’s iBridge Connected Home Services

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London (Dec. 11, 2012) – Oncam Grandeye, the innovator in 360-degree surveillance cameras, technology and security solutions, announces a world’s first – OnVu360. A mobile application, available on iTunes, that for the first time ever enables users to fully experience surveillance through 360-degrees, in full HD and in the palm of your hand.

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Description of functionality: Upgraded features of iPOLiS v2.0 allow users to remotely control the pan, tilt and zoom functions of the latest Samsung network cameras via an easy-to-use interface that is also compatible with the Samsung SRD series DVRs. The app is designed for on-the-go security professionals and set up can be completed in less than a minute to enable viewing of streamed video from selected cameras via a wireless or 3G network.

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