VS020 Enabled Camera and DVR

VS020 Enabled Camera and DVR

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In ISC West Booth #5040, Valens and Grandbeing are displaying a new end-to-end system that provides HD lossless and long distance video transmission through CCTV-over-CAT (CCTVoC) technology for the security surveillance market. The system, composed of Grandbeing camera (model: HC-HT-C1-N) and DVR (model: MM-EN-C1-N), integrates the Valens VS020 chipset for CCTVoC to enable single cable connectivity.

Grandbeing was an early adopter of Valens chipsets, embedding the VS100, VS010 and now the VS020 to various Grandbeing products. Their longstanding partnership now introduces a highly-tailored solution for the security surveillance market. While the demand for HD video for CCTV continues to grow, installers are challenged to upgrade equipment for long distance, convergence, simple and low cost installation. The Grandbeing end-to-end surveillance system allows installers and integrators to carry and store full HD video on CCTV with single-cable installation.

Valens CCTVoC enables the convergence of uncompressed, full HD video, audio, up to 100W of power, and various control signals through a single 150m/492ft CAT5e/6 cable. Powered by Valens VS-020 chipset, CCTVoC enables unprecedented long-distance distribution of multimedia content between cameras and video recorders.

“We are thrilled to work with our trusted Valens partner to deliver a new and powerful solution that will solve a lot of common installation and operational problems in the CCTV market,” saysKevin You, CTO of Grandbeing. “With today’s release, security installers can supply full HD video capture as simply as plug and go.”

“Grandbeing has been progressive in the AV market and we are happy to work with them again to support the release of the new VS020 camera and DVR,” says Eli Ofek, vice president of products, Valens. “Security installers and system integrators will be inspired by the quality and simplicity of this technology and happy to adopt this end-to-end system.”


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