Samsung’s iPOLiS Series 2.4 Megapixel Cameras

Samsung’s iPOLiS Series 2.4 Megapixel Cameras

Samsung’s iPOLiS Series 2.4 Megapixel Cameras Product Image

Las Vegas, NV (April 10, 2013) – New additions to Samsung’s line of iPOLiS video surveillance cameras with the company’s innovative WiseNet III technology are making their debut here at ISC West 2013. The new 2.4 megapixel, 1080p iPOLiS cameras include a wide range of models with intelligent imaging technology that set new benchmarks for performance and value as a result of their superior image quality and bandwidth utilization.


“Samsung’s innovative WiseNet III imaging technology delivers performance advantages that increase performance and deliver greater value for mainstream imaging applications,” said Frank De Fina, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Samsung Techwin America. “These latest additions to our portfolio of iPOLiS cameras will further accelerate the deployment of megapixel cameras by alleviating prior concerns about bandwidth utilization without sacrificing performance.”

The new 2.4MP iPOLiS cameras feature a recording rate of 60 fps at 2.4 megapixel resolution; wide dynamic range (WDR) of 100dB; new “defog” capability; low light recording at 0.1 Lux; multi-crop streaming; region of interest (ROI) facial recognition; P-iris enhancement; dual H.264 and MJPEG codecs; and a host of event and intelligent on-board analytics.

New cameras in the lineup include SNB-6003 and SNB-6004 box cameras; SND-6083 and SND-6084 dome cameras; SND-6084R Infrared Dome Camera; SNO-6084R weatherproof Infrared Camera; and SNV-6084R vandal-resistant Infrared Dome Camera.

Samsung’s innovative WiseNet III technology provides exceptional image quality with reduced motion blur and exceptional image detail in scenes that contain both very bright and very dark areas. In low light conditions, SSLE (Samsung Super Light Enhancer) ensures excellent color images with 2.4 megapixel quality. Visibility is improved in virtually any weather condition with the camera’s defog technology to reduce image distortion. The WiseNet III CMOS sensor also incorporates DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) technology which can negate the effects of camera shaking due to high winds or building vibration, as well as reducing rolling shutter effects. Motion blur is also reduced with Samsung’s Motion Artifact Reduction technology.

WiseNet III box cameras support the P-Iris system which supplements the iris function when multiple lighting conditions exist in a single scene.  The precise iris control optimizes resolution at the center and corners of the image, and when combined with the enhanced depth of field and shutter speed, images are clear and sharp across the entire frame.

Improved bandwidth management enables seamless image transfer even with limited network bandwidth.  Multi-crop streaming allows up to five areas of ROI detail to be transmitted simultaneously at a pre-determined resolution and frame rate for more efficient bandwidth usage. Smart codec technology also allows ROI areas such as faces to be captured at a higher resolution. Other on-board intelligence includes tampering detection, motion detection/video analytics, face detection, audio detection and network disconnection.

Simple Focus, Samsung’s automatic focus technology allows the camera to move the image sensor's position in box cameras, while in dome cameras a motorized varifocal lens with a remote control function will control these adjustments. Focus can also be adjusted remotely via the network. For ease of monitoring, the cameras can be accessed using popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

iPOLiS cameras with WiseNet III technology are ideal for a wide range of applications including small systems using edge storage as a recording solution, SmartViewer CMS for management and iPOLiS mobile for smartphone monitoring. For larger system implementations, hardware/software NVRs can be used for large scale recording while Samsung Security Manager (SSM) can be used as the monitoring/management software.

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About Samsung Techwin America

Samsung is a leading supplier of advanced video surveillance solutions for IP-video, analog and hybrid systems. Building on the company’s history of innovation, Samsung Security Systems is dedicated to providing systems solutions with the highest levels of performance, reliability and cost-efficiency. As a subsidiary of a $350 billion international market maker, Samsung is committed to the continued development of innovative systems products for professional security applications. For more information, visit

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