Geutebruck's G-Lite Compact illuminators

Geutebruck's G-Lite Compact illuminators

Geutebruck's G-Lite Compact illuminators Product Image

G-Lite Compact is Geutebruck’s new series of discreet and unobtrusive illuminators for use with day and night cameras. While the latest generation of SMT LEDs gives them a very long range, their flexible nature enables them to provide ideal, even illumination in any situation. Beam angles can be adjusted to accurately match the camera’s field of view both by swivelling the individual illuminators and by swapping the diffusers with the alternative ones provided.

G-Lite’s IP66 weather-proof housing is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, and the polycarbonate front cover provides protection against vandalism.  Extremely high efficiency diodes and the efficient heat dissipating design ensure low power consumption and a long lifetime of constant use.  With an integral wide-range PSU G-Lite is designed for easy installation for any surveillance system.

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Nextiva V3320RD

Product From Verint Systems Inc.

The Nextiva V3320RD from Verint is designed to accommodate a wide range of discreet video surveillance requirements. Combining advanced H.264 compression and high-definition resolution, the Nextiva V3320RD delivers crystal clear images, ultra-efficient bandwidth management and excellent performance in a variety of discreet video surveillance applications. Nextiva V3320RD cameras offer cutting-edge imaging capabilities with advanced H.264 compression to help optimize the use of valuable bandwidth and storage. Nextiva V3320RD mini-dome IP cameras are designed for easy, secure and cost-effective installations. The V3320RD require only a small 3.25” (83mm) hole in the ceiling tile and a power over Ethernet (PoE) connection to be immediately operational. The cameras offer three lens options (3.4mm, 2.5mm and 6.0mm) providing a selection that can better meet specific security challenges.

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Quasar CM-4221

Product From DVTel, Inc

The Quasar CM-4221 series of HD 1080p cameras from DVTel has expanded to include an IR illuminated broadcast video quality camera that guarantees frame rates in high motion, complex and low light scenes and lowers your utility costs and carbon footprint. Offering the industry’s lowest bandwidth through its broadcast motion processing architecture, the CM-4221 series delivers predictable storage, lower utility costs and a reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Now you can…deploy a CCTV HD H.264 1080p surveillance solution that easily handles wide variations in motion and lighting found in airports, city surveillance projects, critical infrastructure sites, commercial offices and campuses using this advanced HD IP camera.

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Azco Technologies' Long Range IR Illuminators

Product From Azco Technologies

December 13, 2012 — BLAINE, WA, Azco Technologies Inc. has just released its IR Illuminators capable of reaching distances over 800ft.

The Azco IR Illuminators are perfect for Analog CCTV and IP Camera installations. The standard 850nm Wavelengths with the visible red glow IR’s & the Covert 940nm Wavelengths Non-Visible versions are available. The AZIR3000, AZIR2000 & AZIR1000 models offer adjustable illumination intensity, adjustable built-in photocell and a IP67 Rating. The AZIR3000 has an optional bracket to mount 2 or 3 units.

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Samsung's iPolis SNO-7080R and SNO-5080R Bullet Style Cameras

Product From Samsung Techwin America

Samsung iPOLiS SNO-7080R is an outdoor bullet-style 3-megapixel network video surveillance camera incorporating 32 infrared LEDs to provide a viewing range of up to 150 feet in total darkness. Complete with a 2.8X varifocal motorized zoom lens; the SNO-7080R can capture 16:9 full HD images at 1920 x 1080p with wide dynamic range (WDR) and features a dual H.264 and MPEG codec. It is IP66 environmentally rated for severe or varying weather conditions and can be powered via PoE and 24V AC.

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Samsung's iPolis SNV-7080R and SNV-5080R Dome Cameras

Product From Samsung Techwin America

Samsung iPOLiS SNV-7080R dome is an outdoor 3-megapixel network video camera that provides 16:9 full 1080p HD images and 15 built-in infrared (IR) LED illuminators for an IR viewable distance of 75 feet, even in total darkness. The IR camera uses Samsung's WiseNet2 DSP chipset, designed to provide maximum benefit for megapixel technology, including Wide Dynamic Range and Smart Compression with region-of-interest (ROI) encoding. H.264 compression ensures bandwidth-friendly, high-resolution images, and the H.264/MJPEG dual codec supplies multiple streaming. The camera includes a motorized 3 ~ 8.55mm (2.8x) vari focal lens to allow zoom and focus settings to be adjusted remotely after installation. Multiple resolutions include CIF (320 x 240 pixels), 1080p full HD (1,920 x 1080 pixels), and full 3 megapixels (2,048 x 1,536 pixels) with the ability to transmit selected streams for viewing and recording.

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VARIO Illuminators

Product From Raytec

VARIO illuminators allow users to adjust the output angle of an illuminator on site to a precise and pre-defined angle through a sophisticated VARIO optical system. A standard VARIO kit includes interchangeable lenses to deliver angles of 10, 30 and 60 degrees out of the box; enough flexibility to cover most applications. Other angles are available on request.

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Claritii 500

Product From Vumii

Claritii 500 is a unique outdoor perimeter and border surveillance camera system from Vumii that integrates near-infrared invisible LED illumination, day/night imager and high-magnification optics on a precision pan-tilt platform. The system delivers detailed surveillance assessment imagery in daylight, low-light and zero-light conditions and enables detailed human assessment in complete darkness at ranges beyond 500 meters. With the system, text and numbers can be read and faces recognized via continuous optical long-focal length zoom.

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Images Intensified!

Product From VITEK Industrial Video Products, Inc.

Images Intensified!—VITEK Industrial Video Products’ VTC-IRE40/3516 weatherproof IR bullet camera provides 700 TV Lines of high resolution and includes the Sony EX-VIEW HAD CCD II and Effio-E image signal processor. Equipped with infrared LED dynamic intensity control, it is water sealed to eliminate potential permeation of pests, dust and condensation.

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LIR Infrared illuminators

Product From Rainbow CCTV

Compact LIR Infrared illuminators incorporating high power Quasar LEDs from Rainbow CCTV are the ideal choice to improve nighttime performance of CCTV systems for short to long-range applications. The inherent low power consumption of the solid state LED array, results in ultra low running costs over the life of the lamp. With an average LED life well in excess of 10 years, the LIR series can provide huge energy and maintenance savings. Impact resistant and fully weather proof (IP67) with an attractive design, the integrated control features on the illuminator include telemetry input, power and photocell sensitivity adjust, and photocell following contact to switch D/N camera into night mode. The LIR Series is suitable for all low light installations up to 820 feet (250m).

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AEGIS SuperLED White Light Illuminator

Product From Bosch Security Systems

The new AEGIS SuperLED White Light unit features high-efficiency LEDs with a color temperature that precisely matches the sensitivity of video camera sensors, assuring surveillance images with maximum color rendition. This feature reduces image noise and increases the video signal to dramatically improve night-time imaging.

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