SimplexGrinnell's TrueAlert ES Intelligent Notification Appliances

SimplexGrinnell's TrueAlert ES Intelligent Notification Appliances

SimplexGrinnell's TrueAlert ES Intelligent Notification Appliances Product Image

CHICAGO, Illinois (June 10, 2013) –- SimplexGrinnell, a Tyco business and longtime leader in fire and life safety, is introducing Simplex TrueAlert ES – a new family of intelligent notification appliances that has been designed to provide better protection, maximum ease of use, and lower operating costs.

The fire protection industry will get its first look at this revolutionary technology – Notification Reinvented – at the SimplexGrinnell booth (#600) at the 2013 NFPA Expo in Chicago. Simplex TrueAlert ES (eServices) notification brings addressable technology to the systems that warn building occupants in the event of a fire or other emergency. It is the latest addition to SimplexGrinnell’s suite of web-enabled eService solutions, which use the power and connectivity of the Internet to increase customer value and improve operational efficiency.

In bringing Simplex TrueAlert ES to market, SimplexGrinnell and Tyco have reinvented every aspect of notification, from design, installation and power use to maintenance, appliance testing and system expansion. Each TrueAlert ES device is electronically supervised – built with the intelligence to continuously report its status to a Simplex 4100ES fire alarm control panel.

This addressable notification technology enables SimplexGrinnell to bring groundbreaking benefits to engineers, installing contractors, building owners and facility managers. The key benefits include: more design flexibility; faster, more efficient installation; easier, more cost-effective maintenance; lower costs of installation, operation and ownership; and better overall protection. Here’s a closer look at three differentiating capabilities of TrueAlert ES notification:

• Self-Testing Enabled: TrueAlert ES devices offer revolutionary self-testing capability. A pass-fail signal is sent to the Simplex 4100ES panel when audible and visible devices are tested. Facility managers have the assurance of knowing the devices are working, and testing is programmable.

• Inspection Enabled: Device information and test history is stored, and a Simplex 4100ES panel can generate reports for AHJs (authorities having jurisdiction) and other code compliance officials.

• Service-Ready: TrueAlert ES devices provide a specific warning alert when repair or maintenance is needed. Troubleshooting and repairs can be completed faster and more efficiently.

“Simplex TrueAlert ES notification is one of the most significant developments in recent years in the fire and life-safety industry,” said Dave Baer, Vice President, Marketing, at SimplexGrinnell. “Tyco and SimplexGrinnell have made a major investment to bring the game-changing benefits of addressable technology to Simplex notification systems. We broke similar ground 20 years ago by introducing our addressable technology for fire detection. Now we are leading the way again, advancing safety and security with a revolutionary advancement that can save lives, improve businesses, and protect where people live and work.”

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300AE paging horn

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The 300AE paging horn provides a direct voice coil connection for use with 8 ohm paging systems such as Viking models PA-2A, PA-15, HF-3W, DVA-2WA and M2W. Even though its 30 watt rating is greater than these lower power paging amplifiers provide, the 300AE is an excellent choice because it is more efficient than Viking’s smaller 25AE paging horn. In other words, the larger 300AE only needs 1 watt of power to play as loud as 2 watts being driven into the smaller 25AE paging horn.

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Red Alert Emergency Telephones

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Nationwide, government-mandated initiatives are requiring educators to install campus-wide audible alert systems. School administrators are scrambling to discover the best practices for meeting their emergency public address needs. With CALL24’s Campus Alert PA, educators have the most cost-effective, high-quality PA-alerting solution available.

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Barix Simple Paging solution

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The Barix Simple Paging solution was created to transition schools and businesses to digital PA systems while leveraging existing network architectures, keeping costs manageable and offering a simple learning curve that enable system use from day one.  ISC West serves as the debut for this solution, which Barix will demonstrate at Booth 31099.

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Talk-a-Phone's WEBS Contact Plus

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Zenitel's EXIGO Public Address over IP solution

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Oslo, Norway, -- January  31, 2014 - Zenitel AS, a global leader and supplier of the STENTOFON and VINGTOR brands of security and safety communication systems, is proud to announce their latest development in advanced IP Public Address and Alarm Systems - EXIGO.

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