Checkpoint Systems underfloor EAS

Checkpoint Systems underfloor EAS

Checkpoint Systems underfloor EAS Product Image

Thorofare, NJ, – July, 23, 2013 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP), a leading global manufacturer of shrink management solutions, today announced its new underfloor Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) antenna designed primarily for luxury and high-end retailers who require a discreet but high-performance security system. Hundreds of EVOLVE Exclusive F10 are already in retail stores around the world delivering exceptional results in reducing shrink, improving merchandise availability and helping to enhance the consumer shopping experience.

Designed primarily for luxury apparel, jewelry or accessory retailers for whom store aesthetics is paramount, the EVOLVE Exclusive F10 sits below the shop’s floor while still providing excellent range of detection. The system can be configured to cover entrance doorways of up to 12m/ 39.4ft wide addressing some retailers’ preferences for an open entrance without visible antennas. Now department stores in a mall setting have a viable solution to protect their multiple entrances.

Farrokh Abadi, president and chief operating officer, Shrink Management and Merchandise Visibility Solutions, said, “We designed this new ''invisible´´ EAS solution by partnering with some luxury brands for whom creating a positive shopping experience for customers was as important as protecting their merchandise. We are proud that our new underfloor EVOLVE Exclusive F10 meets their requirements with regard to merchandise protection as well as the aesthetics and design of their floor space.”

Checkpoint designed the EVOLVE Exclusive F10 to protect the large aisle widths of many store entrances and withstand the heavy weights associated with high traffic and goods moving through a retail store entrance.

While the antenna remains out of sight, when a theft attempt happens, different alarm detection notifications are available according to the retailer's preference These include external audible alarm, flashing lights, pager notifications and other options that follow the retailer's loss prevention policies. The EVOLVE Exclusive F10 system is also compatible with Checkpoint's VisiPlus Overhead sensor to provide Smart Alarm Management and visitor counting data.

This new solution supports Checkpoint’s iMAP™ (Intelligent Merchandise Availability Program) which helps retailers manage shrink and improve inventory visibility while enhancing the shopper’s experience by improving merchandise availability. The iMAP solutions set is purpose-built for retail, combining hardware, software, consumables, services, and business processes to address retailers’ merchandise availability needs.

EVOLVE Exclusive F10 is available immediately.

About Checkpoint Systems, Inc. ( Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions. Checkpoint enables retailers and their suppliers to reduce shrink, improve shelf availability and leverage real-time data to achieve operational excellence. Checkpoint solutions are built upon 40 years of RF technology expertise, diverse shrink management offerings, a broad portfolio of apparel labeling solutions, market-leading RFID applications, innovative high-theft solutions and its Web-based Check-Net data management platform. As a result, Checkpoint customers enjoy increased sales and profits by improving supply-chain efficiencies, by facilitating on-demand label printing and by providing a secure open-merchandising environment enhancing the consumer’s shopping experience. Listed on the NYSE (NYSE: CKP), Checkpoint operates in every major geographic market and employs more 5,000 people worldwide.
Twitter: @checkpointsys

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Scout X400 Public View Monitor

Product From Universal Surveillance Systems LLC

Universal Surveillance Systems LLC (USS), a loss prevention technology company and solutions provider, unveiled new tools specially engineered to prevent product theft and combat organized retail crime. The Scout X400 is a public view monitor (PVM) crafted to combat ORC and features a 9.7-inch vivid video screen, built-in DVR and multiple new innovative tamper alarms, including a powerful video obstruction alarm that allow secure face-level mounting to record activity from the optimum vantage point and serve as a significant theft deterrent. Other features include: back door ajar alarm, built-in SD card player for digital signage, motion sensor to trigger selectable functions and a variety of mounts including spring-loaded folding arms. USS offers a complete line of products, systems and services for both electronic article surveillance (EAS) and closed-circuit television (CCTV) to effectively prevent loss, deter theft and increase profitability.

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Stanley and SenTech EAS Corp. partnership launches new products

Product From STANLEY Security

Stanley Security Solutions announced a new strategic partnership with SenTech EAS Corp., a supplier of electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems, tags, labels and accessories. As part of this partnership, Stanley will market and support SenTech products to customers seeking an integrated EAS solution. Used to prevent theft of products and corporate assets for various vertical markets, SenTech’s EAS solutions include a number of fully compatible RF (Radio Frequency) and AM (Acousto-Magnetic) technologies, pedestals, tags, detachers, deactivators and verifiers. With the new partnership, SenTech’s product line seamlessly integrates with Stanley’s customizable security solutions to best protect retail, healthcare, K-12 and higher education facilities against inventory loss, damage and theft. These advanced systems include online remote diagnostics and service, integrated people counting and real time analytical data. Across various markets, the partnership with SenTech will introduce the first truly online EAS product to the market, allowing Stanley customers to retrofit existing AM and RF EAS platforms to this online model with their existing tag inventories and saving both time and money required for maintenance. Pictured is the NextGen EAS integrated software/detection program.

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Instant notification of booster bag entry into store

Product From AlertSystems

SAN DIEGO, July 8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Alert Systems and Indyme Solutions announced today a technology integration that instantly notifies retail store personnel when a "booster bag" enters a store or high-value merchandise area. Thieves, often affiliated with Organized Retail Crime rings, increasingly use foil-lined booster bags to defeat anti-theft tag detection by Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems when exiting a store with unpaid merchandise.

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The 8708 S and 8508 S hybrid network video recorders (NVRs)

Product From March Networks Corporation

March Networks has introduced a next generation series of recording devices specifically for the retail market. The 8708 S and 8508 S Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs) are ideal for retailers seeking a high-performance video surveillance platform that supports up to eight cameras, offers intuitive software for fraud identification and store operations monitoring, and makes it easier and more cost-effective to transition to high-definition (HD) IP video. Serving as the backbone of a complete retail security solution, the 8708 S and 8508 S Hybrid NVRs provide the same reliability, centralized management and crystal-clear image quality available with the company’s 32 and 16-channel 8000 Series recorders. Designed with smaller-footprint stores and standalone kiosks in mind, the NVRs include an optional, tamper-resistant rear enclosure to prevent unauthorized access to video, power, I/O cables and connections, and optimized cooling to ensure problem-free operation in confined spaces. To help retailers realize the greatest benefit from their video surveillance solution and increase revenues by 10 percent or more, all 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs are fully integrated with March Networks Searchlight for Retail (pictured). The Searchlight suite of intelligent video software applications seamlessly integrates surveillance video, security analytics and point-of-sale (POS) transaction data to provide customizable, automated reports complete with bandwidth-friendly video images. In minutes, retailers can scan the daily reports to see if all their stores opened on time, if shelves were stocked properly, employees were dressed as required, and to review other compliance and operational standards. They can also turn to Searchlight’s exception reports to quickly assess suspect transactions from all store locations along with receipt data. If further investigation is required, the associated video is easily accessible with a single click.

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Interactive Public View (IPV) Enhanced monitor

Product From Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

THOROFARE, N.J., Jan. 30, 2013 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions for the retail industry and its supply chain, today announced its latest innovation: the

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CVP Switching Control Mats

Product From Tapeswitch Corporation

Tapeswitch Corporation manufactures pressure sensitive sensing mats for detection, protection, and security. In additional to standard products, such as The CVP switch control mat, we custom manufacture to size, lead location, and lead length to fit your application exactly.

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Alpha's AM (Acousto Magnetic) NanoGate

Product From Alpha High Theft Solutions, a division of Checkpoint Systems, Inc.

CHARLOTTE, NC, Sept. 28, 2012 – Alpha High Theft Solutions®, a division of Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE: CKP), today announced the launch of AM (Acousto Magnetic) NanoGate®, an affordable security solution that provides intra-store protection for large retail stores and full store protection for smaller retail boutiques using Alpha’s 3 Alarm® products. AM NanoGate joins the award-winning RF (Radio Frequency) version previously released.

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Wren Solutions' Encapsulon Assessment Version 3.3.3 Retail Audit Software

Product From Wren Solutions

ATLANTA, GA – August 6, 2012 – Wren Solutions, a leading loss prevention technology provider, today announced the immediate availability of Encapsulon Assessment version 3.3.3, its industry-leading retail audit software solution. The new version helps retailers to automate and optimize audit programs through enhanced mobility, improved reporting and greater intelligence; making it easier and faster for retail loss prevention and operations teams to identify and correct sources of loss.

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AberSAN Z Series

Product From Aberdeen LLC

Aberdeen's AberSAN Z-Series, scalable storage platform brings the simplicity of network attached storage (NAS) to the SAN enterprise storage environment by utilizing the innovative ZFS file system.

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Encapsulon Assessment

Product From Wren Solutions

Encapsulon Assessment enables loss prevention and store operations professionals to streamline and simplify the process of designing, conducting, and following up on audits. With this easy to use retail audit software, organizations of any kind can optimize operations, address problem areas, and correct issues in a timely manner to reduce shrink and keep their retail businesses running smoothly.

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